Multiversity and Society of Super Heores Review

Writer: Grant Morrison
Art: Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Colours: Nei Ruffino
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: August 20th, 2014


Grant Morrison is back at it again with this new highly conceptualized series published by DC called Multiversity which fleshes out a story for the multiple dimensions and alternate parallel worlds contained in the DC universe. This series will tell a story about Nix Uotan, the last of the multiverse monitors and his adventures with a cursed comic book that sends the story in a fascinating direction.

The comic book opens immediately with a narrative that is talking to the reader and with visuals to demonstrate the sort of scales that exists in life in the DC universe. You see that a kid is about to read a haunted comic book and as he is reading he encounters a lot of strange qualities. The book then takes a serious twist as the comic’s narrative starts to let the reader know that the story has really just begun and the entire issue breaks the 4th wall and let’s you know you are a part of this story as well. After that page the kid is shown to actually be Nix Uotan and his monkey pal Stubbs. They travel via boom-tube to an alternate Earth where cities are ravaged to nothing and all that exists is evil. Nix then encounters a lone super hero named Thunderer and some demonic destroyers known as the Gentry, that seem to have ravaged the world to the state that it currently is in with dead super-heroes strewn about and nothing but ruins all around. This whole portion of this issue is instrumental in telling you the trouble that falls Nix Uotan.


Before moving on to the second portion of this issue, it’s important to note that the covers of the Multiversity series feature a band of 52 numbers on the left side. Worlds will be specifically bolded to indicate that a specific Earth is featured in either the cover or the issue as a whole. Lots of hidden secrets are held within this series’ covers and pages.


It’s nice to have all this Earth hopping in this series as one of the draws to this series are the alternate world superheroes that parallel others. Superman gets sucked into a cube given to their Justice League by Lex Luthor and winds up in a hall of heroes, a room filled with one of the best super people of each respective Earth. It is realized that Thunderer is in charge of saving Nix Uotan by putting together a team of the best of the best. This scene has a great 4th wall breaking moment where a Flash from a parallel world tries getting a Superman to sign his comic book that features the exact Superman and his adventures on his Earth, as it is revealed that alternate Earths read and write comics about super people from alternate parallel worlds, insisting a great many of possible theories that relate to what this book series is all about. There is a lot more to this issue than what I’ve written, I would recommend picking this book up as it is one of the most unique things that DC has rolled out in the past year. This entire issue has beautiful and clever panel work, lots of vibrant colours and lots of contrast from section of the book to other sections. The best part of this book in my opinion is that the writing is deep with high concepts and lots of science fiction at play to figure out.


The second issue of the Multiversity series that was released is called Society of Super-Heroes. The cover of this issue portrays Doctor Fate, a Green Lantern (Abin Sur) and seemingly Hawkgirl of alternate Earths. This cover of the issue and the preview of the next issue seems to portray comic books for each Earth in a way. Somehow, each cover will correlate with a respective Earth that the comic book is supposed to originate in. I believe that this is an attempt to break the 5th wall and really engage the reader as if they are the ones reading a haunted comic book.

This issue is fantastic, lots of vital information regarding the relationship between this Earth and Nix Uotan. The stories that play out are quite engaging and lots of little secrets are littered through the issue. Atomic Man brought up some cool theories of how the Watchmen universe is also connected to the Multiverse and this character might possibly be an alternate Earth Doctor Manhattan! More curiosity is struck when the Immortal Man fights with Vandal Savage, the Immortal Man. The Green Lantern story arc of this issue involving  Doc Fate ,Atomic Man, Hawkgirl and Abin Sur is a great little story of escape and tragedy that befalls the Earth. Parallax and Count Sinestro are some great cameos that come out of that arc. The art of this issue is again fantastic, the panels and action have been a little more appealing than the last issue of Multiversity. The writing and pacing is definitely interesting and makes me really want to see what will come from the next issue of Multiversity as this series will rise to epic proportions.


Overall, the Multiversity series thus far has been fantastic and I can’t wait to see how this series will play out. Out of all the comic series’ that I am currently reading about, Multiversity is one of the coolest most interesting books that have recently come out. I rate this series up to this point, a 4 broken walls out of 5 broken walls. Read this series!

~ Tyler Head


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