Deathlok #1 Review

Deathlok #1
Nathan Edmondson
Art: Mike Perkins
Colours: Andy Troy
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Released: October 29th, 2014


I am a fan of Deathlok. A devastating human weapon with the power to command an internal computer that controls his body. Michael Collins is a computer programmer making artificial limbs unknowingly for the company behind the super human weapon named Deathlok. When he discovers this secret he is then captured and turned into Deathlok himself, a human challenged as a controlled weapon. The struggle of turning this secret on it’s head and the desire to continue being a family man, Michael Collins fights for what is right.



Deathlok #1 written by Nathan Edmondson is a great reboot for the character of Deathlok. Henry Hayes is a member of Medic Without Borders, or so Henry thinks. It is discovered that this is all a ruse developed by some controlling party to send Henry Hayes to foreign countries and perform tasks unknowingly for the controlling party as Deathlok. Deathlok is fed the subliminal code word “mustang” that triggers his transformation and once this happens he is led on a warpath to permanently erase opposing targets.

*blatant Under Armour product placement*

The character has a personal side where Henry Hayes is the father to his teenage daughter. It is wise to consider what this might mean for the story as Henry is an upstanding father in his personal life but he is torn away from his home frequently by the controlling party to use Deathlok which causes struggle in the household.


The writing in this first issue is great and really does a lot to convey that there are some computer programs running the show once the codeword kicks in. The art is dynamic and full of action and the Deathlok design looks really badass as it has a more grounded-in-reality look than the original Deathlok was observed to be. This is a great start to a series that will show its true worth in due time. I for one will begin following this series for a little while. I rate this issue 5 out of 5 headshots.

~ Tyler Head


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