The Genius of Swamp Thing – #35 + #36 Roundup/Review

Swamp Thing #35 + #36
Charles Soule
Art: Jesus Saiz
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: October 1, 2014 + November 5, 2014


A newly appearing Metal force that is rival to the Green have introduced themselves to Alex Holland, the Swamp Thing. In issue #35 we see the Metal trying to sway Swamp Thing into letting the Metal “manage” the Green for Swamp Thing. The clever design and slang of speech for the representative of the Metal makes this rival force a very stylized and appealing force to read. Not accepting the offer, the Swamp Thing gives the Metal a chance to prove trust to Swamp Thing but in issue #36 the Metal prove to be ready to try and kill the avatar of the Green with mechanized troops at the ready of this sly representative of the Metal. Swamp Thing does not stand for this and proves that he is too much for Metal. It is discovered that the Metal does not have an avatar of their force to fight on their behalf which is an interesting notion going forward.


The story leading up to this including the Futures End one-shot issue, taking place 5 years into the future where you see Swamp Thing asking for the assistance of a ruling being in the Metal force, really leads this surprise meeting into place and makes sense for the series and its mission going forward. This hostile new force of the Metal will make for a really cool story to come. Alec Holland is really showing off his power to the Metal which could give the Metal a more calculated move in their next wave of attack and possibly the upper hand. Swamp Things sends a message to the Metal at the end of the issue and really makes for solid “making a stand” moment.



There was also a beautiful moment where Swamp Thing and Abigail Arcane meet and demonstrate their struggle of loving each other eternally but being unable to ever completely embrace each other in love. It’s quite the loving moment and shows how well this comic can tug on your heart strings.


New 52 Swamp Thing has been an excellent series this far. I have been following this new Swamp Thing run since it’s first issue and the story continues to be fresh and strong at every turn. The 5 kingdoms all rivaling each other is a great dynamic and all things existing because of these kingdoms really demonstrates what power these forces truly hold. The art and panel work is well done and really sucks you into the highly detailed and beautiful art on the page. The series is highly readable as the writing is like scripture, eloquent and on point without ever pushing too much filler content. Swamp thing continues to be a great series and I highly recommend this series to any comics fans who like dark and thoughtful stories that continue to surprise and exceed expectations.

~ Tyler Head



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