Superman #36 Review

Superman #36
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson
 DC Comics
Released: November 26th, 2014


Superman is a really interesting title these days. I have been following this series since before Johns and Romita Jr. joined to produce this wildly entertaining story of an Earth boy named Neil or ‘Ulysses’ in a situation, much like Superman, where he finds himself returned to the planet Earth after his planet was destroyed. Superman is trying to help Ulysses but it turns out that Ulysses believes that Earth can be much better than the state that people exist and we end up finding out that he has a giant spaceship to house hundreds of thousands of people in hopes of starting a new, more functional society than what exists on Earth. Upon broadcasting his message to the entire world, people start to make their moves as not everyone can join this endeavour and everyone wants to join Ulysses.



In this latest issue, it is discovered that only righteous people will be accepted onto the spaceship as ‘War of the Worlds’ looking robot/aliens load humans onto the ship. It is also discovered that Ulysses might not be a hero in this story, but rather a super human with a hidden agenda and lots of secrets. When Ulysses talks to his estranged birth parents, a weird moment comes up where they want to join Ulysses on his ship and spend time with their child but there’s a moment where Ulysses breaks down and tells his parents that they cannot join him. At this point, Superman shows up to figure out what Neil is doing and ends up upsetting Ulysses, causing him to fly off the handle and attack Superman, destroying the neighborhood with him.



This issue is quite pivotal for the new story and I find this issue to be one of the more interesting issues so far. The art by Romita Jr. is fantastic and really reminds me of his other work on ‘Kick-Ass’ in a big bad way. Geoff Johns crafts an excellent story and is pacing it really well in my opinion. If you enjoy Superman stories and think that a Noah’s Ark sort of twist would be a cool take on the Superman series, I would definitely recommend this series. I rate this issue 1 Ulysses out of 2 Super-men.

~ Tyler Head


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