East of West: The World Review

East of West: The World
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Nick Dragotta
 Image Comics
Released: December 10th, 2014

East of West is easily my #1 most favourite series of this past year. I find myself ultra excited for it to come out, and I enjoy the universe that has been set up in this re-written history of USA and the Earth as a whole, along with the art that really flushes out the world and is comparable to great colourful graffiti art. This new one-shot issue titled “The World” is essentially a guide on everything East of West. This issue is initially comprised of a short story that shows you that the three horsemen of the apocalypse are recovering from the fallout with Death’s son, ‘The Beast’, and have a goal in mind that they are now working towards. While this story is short, it is quite entertaining and a cool little story that shows the reader what kind of chariot is suitable for a horseman of the apocalypse.

IMG_1739 IMG_1740 IMG_1741

‘The World’ is then comprised of a 20 pages or so worth of history on all the factions that make up the new USA in the universe of East of West. If you are not currently familiar with the historical composition of the USA in East of West, essentially in 1910 there was a civil war (much like the civil war of the USA in American history books) in which many different nations get involved and the world ends up being developed into 7 nations. The 7 nations are the Union, the Confederation, New Texas, New Shanghai, New Orleans, Dead Lands and the Endless Nation. Each nation is given 2 pages for this book, one page showing the nation’s geographic location on the US map and one page with stats on population and GDP, along with a blurb explaining what is important about the nation.


At the end of the guide of nations, the book begins to explain the intricacies of how the universe works and has become what it is through a very comprehensive timeline showing all major events as well as when all of these nations came into existence and the major points in time which flesh out the details for these nations. This timeline is really informative and is to be followed through roughly 6-8 pages to the end of the book.


This issue is essentially an encyclopedia of information that is highly useful for any readers that enjoy East of West. This series has been my favourite series of the past year, and this issue is one that I have been looking forward to since the release of this series. I found this book to really help me appreciate the story and the world of East of West much more. The intro story really helps show you that the three horsemen of the apocalypse are still out for revenge and to fulfill the prophecy of the coming end of the world and the rise of The Beast in the prophecy that is followed in this story. Go out and buy this if you are an East of West fan.

Stories of a Comics Clerk: Diamond Distribution apparently only sent a quarter of each order placed for this book so when putting comics into files, of the five issues we were given we were going to give them to people with the highest seniority with our store, and usually I would give up a comic and wait until more arrive at a later date, but with this issue I needed it and claimed it immediately. Could not let this one go.

~ Tyler Head



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