1 Dude’s Opinion Annual #1

This past year in review…. I remember the first time I held my very own comic. I was aged 5-7, and I was living in Windsor, Ontario on Ottawa Street. At that time there was a comic book shop on the corner (now is a European food store) and my father brought me to the store and essentially told me to grab whatever I wanted from the comic books. I can’t exactly remember which comic book it was that I picked up but I clearly remember the old DC comics symbol that was on the covers at the time. Since that time I read and collected the odd comic books you can typically find at yard/garage sales and that was the extent of my comic book collection/reading at the time. Then there was a massive period in my life where everything became about video games. As of two to three years ago, I started collecting trades and hardcovers of both Marvel and DC as they had recently rebooted many of their series’. In DC’s case their entire universe was completely changed creating the New 52.Over the past year and a half I had actually transitioned from reading full stories in trades and hardcovers, and collecting many of the weekly/monthly series’ that come out each week. This has turned into a full on collection at this point and my love for comics books has fully been rekindled. dcomics Over the past year I have read many different series and now that I write a blog for comic books, I felt it would be appropriate to do an “end of the year comic books in review” now as the new year is approaching. I have come up with categories in which praise should be given to comics that have excelled, as well as some categories in which we take a look at the failures in comics of this past year. I hope you enjoy this article as it is the “1 Dude’s Opinion Annual #1” fun-sized spectacular extravaganza issue. i.   Marvel ii.  DC iii. Indie Best Art: i. Iron Fist: The Living Weapon – Kaare Andrews ii. The Multiversity – Joe Prado/Ivan Reis iii. Black Science – Matteo Scalera/Dean White Best Writing: i. X-Force – Simon Spurrier ii. Injustice: Year Two / Year Three – Tom Taylor iii. Outcast – Robert Kirkman Best Original/New Series: i. Moon Knight ii. The Multiversity iii. ODY-C Best Character of the Year: i. Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man) – Spider-Verse really shows you how much Spider-Man should be appreciated as this event gives you limitless origin stories and unique versions of the same character from different dimensions. ii. Batman (Batman) – This year is truly the year of Batman as many of the titles featuring Batman have been exceedingly great including Batman Eternal, Batman/Superman and Batman & Robin… also 75th Anniversary this year. iii. Death (East of West) – Death is a stand-out character who is always ruthless, calculated and deeply afflicted concerning his son, his wife and the world folding in around him. Worst Character of the Year: i. Red Onslaught (Avengers vs. X-Men – AXIS) – this character while he may look cool, but he is actually quite boring for a villain all while the whole event has been quite uninteresting and slow paced. ii. Captain Cold (Justice League) – Captain Cold is completely out of place in the Justice League and while this may lead to something interesting right now having Captain Cold on the team just feels like he is Lex Luthor’s only friend on the team so that Lex isn’t hated as much. iii. Max Nomad (Annihilator) – Max Nomad while being a character that breaks fiction barriers and enters the real world, he was too much of a cliché character to be interesting enough to read about and like. Biggest Surprise in Comics: i. Spider-Verse event (a love letter to Spider-Man so good it celebrates the character in a great way) ii. Futures End (5 years into the future shows how much things can change) iii. The Beast (East of West’s son of Death, awakens and escapes the clutches of the 3 horsemen) Biggest Let-Down in Comics: i. Magneto/AXIS event (Magneto was a great interesting series until it came to AXIS where Magneto plays a vital role in the event, thus effectively ruining this new run for me) ii. Supergirl #34 (Superman Doomed event was a great event except for one glaring issue that stands out because of how terrible it is) iii. Armor Wars: Harbinger (what a heartless story; everything was boring) Best Comic Book Movie of the Year: Guardians of the Galaxy – Absolutely the best comic book movie to be released this year. No one expected such a great story, as well as the best Marvel movie to date, from a D-List of heroes. (Runners Up: Big Hero 6, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) Best Comic Book TV Show of the Year: The Flash – While there were quite a few contenders this year, no other comic book show made as much of a splash as The Flash has. The secrets and Easter eggs throughout the show leave you on the edge of your seat until the next week which is something most shows can’t make me do these days. Excited to see where this show ends up going. (Runners Up: Gotham, Arrow) Worst Comic Series of the Year: i. Nightcrawler ii. Arkham Manor iii. Tales of Mr.Rhee … and finally the big one!

Best Comic Series of the Year:
i. Moon Knight
ii. The Multiversity (honourable mention to Swamp Thing)
iii. East of West

But that’s just one dude’s opinion.
Leave your thoughts and comments below as well as share your “best of the year”.

Thank you for reading!

~ Tyler Head


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, true believers!


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