Godhead Finale Review

Red Lanterns #37 (Act 3: Part 4)
Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Jim Calafiore
Colourist: Gabe Eltaeb
DC Comics
Released: December 24th, 2014

Sinestro #8 (Act 3: Part 5)
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Pencils: Martin Cocollo
Inker: Scott Hanna
Colourist:Jason Wright
Publisher: ReleasedDecember 24th, 2014

Green Lantern Annual #3 (Act 3: Part 6)
Writer: Robert Vendetti
Pencils: Billy Tan
Inker: Mark Irwin
Colourist: Alex Sinclair
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: December 24th, 2014

The Green Lantern “Godhead” event has been going on for a few months now. The event is about the gods of New Genesis discovering that a lightbearer (Kyle Rayner) has broken past the impassable wall in the universe called the Source Wall that protects the 52 Earths from the outer universe of New Genesis and Apokolips. Highfather then devises a plan to capture one of each of the colour rings in which he plans to fuse them all and create a weaponized life equation. After the life equation becomes weaponized and any ring bearer they can capture and convert to a new army for New Genesis, Highfather’s plan is to boom tube to Earth where he plans to enslave the Earth’s inhabitants in wait for Darkseid to take over the Earth. Hal Jordan and his crew of spectrum lightbearers can see that this tyranny is unnecessary and the actions of Highfather are quite similar to those of Darkseid and not a noble quest.



In Red Lanterns #37 (Godhead Act 3: Part 4) we are shown Simon Baz and Guy Gardner trapped in a sort of energy cell that keeps them stuck together in a glass box with deathly fires just outside of this box. Just in time, the two lightbearers are let free of their cell as they are trying to break out. Malhedron then stands before them and explains why he has disobeyed Highfather and has rescued Guy and Simon. Guy and Simon were then sent on a mission to retrieve the stolen light rights of the spectrum from The Forge of New Genesis where a high henchman of Highfather works at forming these rings to his liking and into a weapon. With some human ingenuity, Gardner and Baz trick and out perform this tinkerer of The Forge, stealing the light rings and effectively blowing up The Forge.



In Sinestro #8 (Godhead Act 3: Part 5) we are caught up with Sinestro and him stalking a New Genesis guard with a new Sinestro Corps member converted as a second guard. Sinestro wanting a mother box to use and study immediately kills his past corps member and proceeds to unleash the entity of Parallax on the New Genesis guard. Sinestro then steals the mother box and learns that it operates much like a light ring in the way it is connected to a centralized power source and works as a teleportation device. In a really cool scene right during this moment, Sinestro wishes to continue with his mission but the entity Parallax refuses to co-operate with Sinestro, in which case Sinestro then threatens the entity and scares the entity into following Sinestro further. Sinestro then confronts Highfather and tells him that he is being a tyrant and is abusing his powers, that he is no different than Darkseid himself. Highfather decides to not listen to Sinestro in which he opens a boom tube to Earth to commence their invasion. Sinestro flies into the boom tube for if he hadn’t he might be killed by Highfather in a fit of rage.



The Godhead event then wraps up in this final issue of Green Lantern Annual #3 (Godhead Act 3: Part 6). This issue is quite epic in scale and the top notch splash pages are there to prove it. Hal Jordan brings Black Hand to the Source Wall in which his plan was to meet Sinestro and then commence an attack on New Genesis/Highfather. When Orion is there to greet Jordan and Hand rather than Sinestro, all seems to be going wrong for their mission. Black Hand all the while has a deep fascination with the source wall as it is essentially one massive galactic graveyard and this is one of Black Hand’s fetishes. Black Hand drawn to the wall then proceeds to touch it which then resurrects all the dead people from the source wall and thus raising an army of undead against New Genesis. Hal Jordan, Black Hand and Sinestro then bring this army to New Genesis in which they begin to fight but at some point the resurrected people under Black Hand’s control regain their sentient consciousness and begin to effectively destroy New Genesis. This resurrection of source wall beings inadvertently draws Black Hand into the source wall and he then disappears. Highfather soon realizes the error of his ways in which he brought new found destruction to his home and his people. Hal Jordan and all the light bearers then do their best to fight these resurrected beings and prevent the destruction of New Genesis. Once Saint Walker gains control of his blue ring, the Green Lanterns all gain twice the power from their own rings thus helping the efforts in a big way. Highfather then agrees to let the light bearers free and the Earth to remain untouched. The story then closes with Mogo getting his green ring back and the world of Mogo being restored to beautiful lush greenery.





This event has been a really solid ride through the powers that affect the universe. A tyrannical leader of a powerful army fights the members of a galactic police force and recruits them for his own power, only to realize that everything he has done is counter-intuitive and the actions committed are actions of a fascist leader. A great story all wrapped up in a nice package with some lingering mystery still left untold. Godhead has been a fantastic story and while this finale does seem like things worked out really well I feel as if Highfather took much too long to realize the error of his ways as throughout the story he is being told that what he is doing is wrong  and that he is becoming more like Darkseid. I didn’t have many other problems with this story, but I found that the Godhead tie-in issues were a little pointless and didn’t affect any of the event at all. The art for all these issues have been great, the most notable art out of this finale has to be the splash pages in which Black Hand raises the dead from the source wall (a fold out splash page in fact) and the page where giant construct Hal Jordan is raising New Genesis to prevent the destruction. The writing for each book is quite a great perspective into each aspect of the Godhead event and really flows into one cohesive story. I was overall very pleased with this event and I am excited to see how this affects the rest of the DC universe. I rate this book 8 power rings out of 9.
~ Tyler Head



The ending panels leave some epic mystery for the reader to ponder!


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