DC Weeklies’ End – Thoughts and Opinions

Batman Eternal #1 – #52
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: April 9th, 2014

The New 52: Futures End #1 – #48
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: May 7th, 2014

Earth 2: World’s End #1 – #26
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: October 8th, 2014

This is the end. All of DC’s weeklies that have happened in 2014 have now finally ended. All of the weeklies ended April 1st, 2015 in preparation for DC’s Convergence Event which takes all of the Earths in the New 52 and places them all together to deal with one another. After a year long commitment to two of three titles, was any of it worth sticking with from the start to the end?


Earth 2: World’s End was the last of the weeklies to be launched, which is directly tied in to Convergence as one of the New 52 Earths (Earth 2) is captured by Darkseid. This weekly was advertised alongside the end of the Earth 2 monthly series of comics, as the story behind how Earth 2 becomes destroyed. No spoilers when it comes to the outcome of this weekly but with such interesting characters in Earth 2 and the concepts/twists behind that Earth are interesting enough to make this weekly become more than just an Earth 2 story. This story will go on to effect Convergence and the New 52 as a whole. Lots of great plot points are presented in this weekly series. The writing is on point. The art ranges from gritty and realistic and dark, to a more anime and colourful art style and while that might seem like a problem and be off putting, the payoff from the story in the end and all the stories in between really do make this worth reading just for the pure amazement of the power of Darkseid and Apokolips and the devastation that befalls Earth. I was late to the party with reading Earth 2: World’s End but I am glad that I picked up the entire series. 8/10


Batman Eternal was the first of the weeklies to launch and was advertised as a sort of fun story dedicated to all things Batman with the question looming from some foreshadowing in the first issue… will Batman make it out of this one?! The dark knight is depicted tied up half naked at the top of a skyscraper in Gotham as the city burns below and he is helpless. That being said, this weekly series had a very endless and seemingly pointless story and was a turn off for a lot of early adopters. People stopped picking up this weekly as it was dragged out and didn’t have a point for a while but as the series went on, the story dug deeper and deeper into who the big baddie from the rogues gallery is that is running the show. Despite this arc, all the stories in between all touched upon the prominent villains in Gotham leading Batman on an endless trail. The stories are all good and make this weekly series feel like one big love letter to all things Batman. The art was beautiful and fitting throughout the series, I don’t have any complaints but rather a shout out to Jason Fabok for great art work in this series as well as on the covers. The validity to this series’ title rings true to the end as Batman is truly Eternal. This was the best of the weeklies from this past year and the pay off at the end of this weekly series makes Batman Eternal a truly classic Batman story from recent history and took 52 weeks to tell: 9/10


The New 52 Futures End was launched during last year’s Free Comic Book Day in May with issue #0 being a free comic to take. This was a lot of people’s gateway into the weekly series and it had a really interesting hook about Terry McGuiness (Batman Beyond) travelling to the past because in the future Brother Eye, a sentient artificial intelligence created by both Bruce Wayne and Michael Holt, controls the world and has turned human beings into horrific cyborg slaves. This story was marketed as a doomed future 35 years after current time in the New 52 universe where Terry McGuiness must travel to the past in order to stop Brother Eye from starting his ascent into sentient power but Terry arrives 5 years late and events have already been put in motion for Brother Eye. While this is a really cool premise and story, without spoiling too much, this story goes nowhere. DC even had a month where they produced special 3D lenticular covers for this series in which they showed what all their ongoing titles were up to during the events of Futures End, 5 years into the future. Futures End is comparable to a carnival roller coaster ride in which the exciting points are thrilling, the coaster ride never goes too high so it feels very tame and never too scary, you usually get to go around the track twice so it isn’t a complex ride, and in the end you feel like you wasted both your time and money on something so insignificant and not all that fun in the end. The art was really good at times while other times the art lacked (due to the changing of artists for all of these weekly series’). I really enjoyed things such as Joker/Batman fused together or Frankenstein having Hawkman’s arm turning him alive due to the Nth metal, but when all is said and done you’ve ended up right where you began. A lot of story arcs are left unsolved and you wonder whether they forgot to tie their loose ends up or just wanted to have you completely forget about the cast of characters that they threw into the story. Why these characters are added is never truly explained either and their purpose of existing pales when they seemingly had no point in being there at all. I feel like the end to Futures End is a big let down making this weekly series a long and pointless read with occasional moments of redeeming enjoyment: 4/10


This was my first experience with pulling a weekly title and I have committed myself to 3 different weeklies that all ended at the same time. While I really liked my experience with the weekly titles, I must say that because of Futures End I will be a little more wary when it comes to trusting weekly titles. Batman Eternal was amazing and being a Batman fan this year long story paid off, and many instances more than Futures End I was questioning where the story was going but in the end the pay off was a huge success. I will most likely be giving weekly titles another chance as 2/3 is a good ratio and I enjoy reading a story each week. It makes reading a story feel redeeming in the end and you anticipate the next week’s issue much like a TV show. Check these pieces o’ good entertainments peoples!

~ Tyler Head

P.S – What were your thoughts and opinions on these weekly titles? Please comment as I want to hear the many dudes and dudettes’ thoughts on the subject!


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