Convergence Review

Convergence #0-8
Jeff King
Art: Carlo Pagulayan
Publisher: DC Comics
Released:  April – May 2015

DC comics is re-launching all of their titles and part of this grandiose change is an event series of comics called Convergence which leads the New 52 universe into the new different DC universe. How was this event and how much did it really transition into a rebooted universe?

For the past year DC has been leading up to Convergence with weekly issues of New 52: Futures End and Earth 2: World’s End as well as The Multiversity by Grant Morrison. These titles all together not only solidify the current state of the New 52 universe but also lead into the Convergence event. Futures end tells the story of how Brainiac is stealing cities from all different timelines and worlds in Futures End with Brother Eye ruling the Batman Beyond timeline. World’s End is telling the story about how Earth 2 was secretly traded to Darksied for Apokalips to consume leaving Earth 2 earth-less. The Multiversity being the only non-weekly title, this series is essentially the looking glass into the world’s in the New 52 universe as well as a glimpse at the structure that is the Multiverse way beyond the source wall. All of these events together are really fluid as they guide you towards Convergence where all timelines and worlds come together.


Convergence itself finds many stolen cities squarely on a faux planet, realizing that they are being pit against the other stolen cities. These cities feature the bottled city of Kandor, many different versions of Gotham and Metropolis, as well as New York and Russia. Timelines (or old DC comics stories) were used for the 40 different Convergence Tie-In two-shot issues feature Parallax / Hal Jordan timeline, or the Atomic Knights timeline where people like alternate earth Guy Gardner is a laser knight riding giant Dalmatians. The premise for the event goes hand in hand with change into a new rebooted universe as it does celebrating the older stories that older DC fans are fond of many years later. This is all a way to bring readers who have fallen off of the DC wagon to jump back in and connect all fans to a new future for the DC universe.



The main series is pretty good overall as it is a nice transitional story but I feel as if it was a rushed and compromised story. The story could’ve really used telling more stories but instead it takes a typical adventure that just feels lackluster from the lack of depth in the explanation of things and you get thrown into so many unexplained things that Convergence expects you to just accept and move on. While the story they are telling is cohesive it feels very flat at the end of it all. The writing is not bad but it’s also not the greatest and the art is really good although at times it’s noticeable that a group of artists worked on a book. With Marvel doing a very similar thing as the same time with their event Secret Wars, it’s hard not to mention how similar both events actually are and compare what Marvel is actually producing… which is top quality content with Secret Wars (directed and written by Jonathan Hickman).



The Convergence Tie-Ins are another noteworthy point in the event as they are even more lackluster than the main event issues. 40 stories told in 2 months over the span of 2 issues per story. While the specific timelines and stories are interesting, there is just not enough pages to tell these stories to the fullest which I find to be a detriment to the event as a whole. Some tie ins tell perfect little stories while others tell jumbled confusing stories that really have nothing of importance and are generally un interesting. Some camps of readers says the Tie Ins are the best part of Convergence while others are in the boat that believes the main series is the only good part of Convergence. I enjoyed parts of both but I am not necessarily a fan of both either.


What’s to come in June seems to be the real thing we are all waiting for but until then, with the taste left in my mouth from Convergence (a bitter sweet end to a great New 52 universe and yet again another franchise reboot) I am becoming increasingly sour with DC and how they are running their comics division. I grow unexcited for many things to come while I am still excited for the main great DC titles Batman and Justice League. Convergence was a sloppy way to bring in more money for the company and a really great way to turn off readership. I would rate the event a 5/10 as it has some nuggets of gold, but for those to be found you have to sift through a lot of shit. If you are interested in how the DC rebooted their universe this time, just pick up the main issues or a collected edition.

~ Tyler Head


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