Quantum and Woody Volume 1 Review

Quantum and Woody Vol. 1
James Asmus
Tom Fowler
Valiant Entertainment
Released:  July 2013


I recently started getting into Valiant comics about a year after I started getting into comics in 2013. The characters and the titles are all unfamiliar to me and that is hard for a read to break into a series when they don’t familiarize with the characters. The only way I really understood what value Valiant brings to the table was to really get the book into my hands and start reading. I currently read Ninjak comics, but prior I was never into any of the characters like Quantum and Woody, or Archer and Armstrong, or The Delinquents just because of that barrier to entry. Valiant had quite graciously given a couple copies of Quantum and Woody as well as Bloodshot and Harbinger to Comic-Kazi in Calgary after Valiant had put on a great dinner party to discuss Valiant and bring all the comic shops into the Valiant circle and promote more Valiant books. This is a strategy that most certainly works and now I have gone back and even bought some Quantum and Woody books after reading this first volume.



The book Quantum and Woody Vol. 1 is about a haphazard superhero team that finds their way into trouble but gets the job done. While this may as well be the tag ling for the book, at it’s core the book is much more of a story about  a modern North American dysfunctional family that learns to bond over their differences and come together to take down the bad guys… all while crazy shit is happening all around them.

The book begins with explaining how the characters became who they are as people as well as shows them in a really messy situation that they will need to get out of. As it goes along you realize that these two brothers together possess a strange mysterious power that they both still need to learn to tame. We are soon introduced to the underlying villain of the story, and that there are levels to this cabal of an evil organization. You have wealthy brothers who are very perverse in their dealings who seem to be the first people to go head to head with Quantum and Woody in pursuit of their super powers.



One of the ways that these evil brothers decide to kill Quantum and Woody was by combining the top scariest things to humans and they combined them all into a nightmare monster beast. This scene is one of the easieast ways to bring up the topic of how hilarious the writing and overall story can be. You have these total opposites for heroes who are fish out of water, dealing with these new things that will in this case make the characters piss their pants, and having to fumble their way out of the mess they have just found themselves in. The writing for Quantum and Woody is fantastic as the writer must be writing for so many different interesting characters and all while keeping the story logical and highly humorous! While not enough can be said for the writing, the art is perfect for this kind of story. You have a fantastic artist who thinks like a movie director, drawing panels as if they were movie shots and adding as much detail with the art as possible to tell readers this wild story in an even more flushed out way. The artist really proves himself as this comic can easily translate into a movie shot for shot from the graphic novel.



IMG_2766There are so many amazing things to say about this comic book it is better to let those new readers savour the element of surprise and the surprise Betamax villain who makes a cameo! Or what about the mysterious messenger goat that Quantum and Woody discover in their father’s laboratory?! You gotta read the book to find out more! Pick up Quantum and Woody Volume 1 today at your local comic shop, it should be decently priced and either way it is worth every penny you have spent! I rate this comic 4.5/5 crazy ass villains.

~ Tyler Head



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