Justice League #42 Review

Justice League #42
Writer: Geoff Johns 
Jason Fabok 
DC Comics
Released:  July 15, 2015

* spoilers warning *


Issue #41 of Justice League had a huge ending to it and left us with Lex Luthor’s sister shooting Lex in the chest. This issue begins with Lex waking up and Superman cauterizing Lex’s wound. Soon after the Justice League realizes that they are up against something huge beginning. Once the heroes collect themselves the scene switches to Apokalips where Darkseid is being counseled by his next in commands and discussing the issues of which are unfolding in front of the Justice League. Darkseid doesn’t seem to be fazed  by anything (as he is so confident that he will succeed and that no one lesser than him could ever affect any of his plans) that has been happening but has a person on the inside who just happens to be his spawn which is a big wrench thrown into the gears of this story as it is highly interesting to interact with Grail, the daughter of Darkseid. We are all surely excited to see what comes from this. There is also a scene where son of High Father, Mister Miracle, shows up to (the last Amazonian) Myrina Black’s fortress but realizes that she may be a little too focused with going against Darkseid in the future which should make for an interesting spoke in the wheel.


Soon Anti-Monitor show up to fight the Justice League but they happen to be out of the loop and very confused as to why this is all happening. After narrowly escaping Anti-Monitor, the Justice League then have Metron to thank for saving them. Metron then tells the Justice League that there is no point in them fighting as it wouldn’t do the any good against the war that is coming. Wonder Woman then throws her lasso onto Metron to get the truth out of Metron on how his chair works. After yanking Metron off of the Mobius Chair, a powerful energy emits from the chair and the Justice League scramble to secure the chair before something wild happens. At that moment Batman jumps in and then is forced to absorb the power of infinite knowledge and becomes the new master of the Mobius Chair.


The issue ends with Batman becoming a god or essentially the new Metron. There is a really human moment once Batman touches the chair, he immediately begins to ask the questions that have bothered him his whole life. “Who shot my parents?” and “What is the Joker’s real name?” are some really great moments but maybe we will find out what Batman found out at one point in the upcoming issues. Batman is now the Bat-God, what does this mean for the future? Well, for starters DC is producing 6 tie-in issues called Justice League Gods and Men and will feature stories happening in potential futures and during the Darkseid war focusing on 6 important people in the Justice League world. Justice League’s Darkseid War is perhaps the best story being put out by DC Comics at the moment and with a creative team of Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok expect some really bold moves, twists and turns, and at the foundation of this title expect amazing art and story. If you havn’t been reading DC comics for a while pick up Justice League #40-42 and you will not be disappointed. This issue was a solid 9 mother boxes out of 10. Pick this story up today!!!

~ Tyler Head



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