Reflecting On- Justice League: Darkseid War

A storyline that was teased at the end of the New 52’s “Forever Evil” event with the rise of the Anti-Monitor, the Justice League’s current story “Darkseid War” is absolutely one of the best comics series that DC has going at the moment. This event began when Anti-Monitor rose up and began consuming entire worlds such as Earth-3 (home of the Crime Syndicate), and at the beginning of the story Metron explored/explained the feud between gods and gave a lot of insight into the multiverse and into the lives of these two goliaths that are to battle each other. A lot of things were revealed in this #40 issue and really was a perfect set up for the event to come.




In the issues to follow, we learnt a lot of really interesting things as if the New 52’s secrets all led up to this point in which shit really goes down. We learn that on the night of Wonder Woman’s birth there was another Amazonian birth who happened to be the daughter of Darkseid, Grail. We also learn a little bit about how Anti-Monitor’s real name is Mobius and was the original person to sit on the Mobius Chair that Metron now uses. We also see the Justice League de-throne Metron, in which Batman then sits on the chair and becomes a Bat-God with all the knowledge in the universe (the first thing Batman uses the chair for is to find out who The Joker really is), and Superman and Lex Luthor begin working together and Superman saves Lex’s life after he is shot by his sister rendering him near-dead. Then Lex Luthor essentially send Superman into a fire pit on Apokolips where he then absorbs the energy becoming an all-powerful inverted colour Superman. Scott Free or Miracleman visits Myrna Black and discovers what exactly is happening as well as Myrna’s plans on Earth.





If you have caught up to the latest issue (#44) then you will know this was a huge game changer in this Justice League story. We have things like OP Superman attacking Lex Luthor, Bat-God revealing who the Joker actually is while Green Lantern Hal Jordan tags along for Batman’s wild ride, and the biggest moment when Anti-Monitor manipulates The Flash and Darkseid’s Black Racer to become a combination of the two in which they are used to kill Darkseid like a bullet through his chest! Justice League has been a really interesting story with lots of great stuff in it to keep you hooked at each part of the journey.



This story is just unfolding and I feel a lot more secrets will be coming down the pipeline. The following are a few predictions I have in regards to the future of Darkseid War and Justice League:

  • Lex Luthor is up to something a bit bigger than it would seem than he is leading on. Why would he piss off Superman and make him do something crazy to reach a maximum potential if he didn’t have a plan of action.
  • Grail must have an ulterior motive for working with Anti-Monitor to either get close to Wonder Woman and kill her, or simply to dethrone her father and unleash the anti-life equation upon him and maybe take his place as ruler of Apokolips?
  • Batman is currently the person who knows the most about what exactly is going on as he has all knowledge of the past and present. I have a feeling that Batman might be the key to solving whatever issues this event puts forth OR perhaps he might be the downfall of the whole event. It is possible that once Batman became the Bat-God he might never want to become regular old Bruce Wayne ever again and remain the controller of the Mobius chair.
  • Metron easily gave up his chair to the Justice League and has essentially been the first point of contact for this entire event. It is arguable that Metron did this all with purpose, and my belief is that Metron knows that things will work out in the wash for him (he will get his chair back, he will continue monitoring and recording all activities through time) but I can’t quite place my finger on the real reason he did what he did.
  • Darkseid is not entirely dead and I also believe that Darkseid will come out swinging and harness the anti-life equation or possibly even become one with the anti-life equation.
  • Anti-Monitor has a good chance of becoming Mobius yet again however it is tough to say how he will achieve this but Anti-Monitor seems to be the man with the plan in this story. Metron doesn’t have control of the Mobius chair anymore and Anti-Monitor has the chance to unleash the anti-life equation.


You might not have been able to tell, but I am really loving this story. This is Geoff Johns at his finest really stirring things up in the DC Universe, and with a Windsor-native (my hometown) Jason Fabok pulling off incredible art which seems to improve every month. This is a prime example of DC comics doing things right, which is tough to say about most of DC’s other titles. Excited to see where the Darkseid War takes the DC Universe!!!

~ Tyler Head




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