Black Science #17 Review

Black Science #17
Rick Remender
Matteo Scalera
Publisher: Image Comics
Released:  November 11, 2015


It has been a really long wait for the new issue of Black Science since it’s last issue #16 was released in July 2015. This issue takes place in it’s own time and space, separate yet attached to the crazy events that really shook the hell out of the story in a magnitude 9 sort of way in the last issue. Before going further reviewing this issue it must be said, Black Science has been one of the craziest and most beautiful rollercoaster rides I’ve been on with a comic book; not unlike the creepy, thrilling ride that Willy Wonka takes Charlie and the gang on through the dark river tunnel. Black Science has been an amazing series thus far and takes a really interesting turn…

There’s no earthly way of knowing / Which direction we are going” ~ Willy Wonka


Ever have that friend or younger sibling that just keeps trolling you by questioning ‘Why’ to everything you say? Well this guy above is exactly that person.

Godworld is the new 5-part story arc, continuing after the events in issue #16 of Black Science, featuring Grant McKay who was stranded in a final Pillar (dimension hopping device) jump. We find Grant blending in with the race of bird-like people he now finds himself living among, all while having important discussion with the fellow in the picture above who constantly has the need to question each thing Grant talks about. It is almost too uncanny to say that this creature is a thing of reality in this world, but rather more believable a figment of Grant’s imagination.



How? Why? What? Where?



We discover that Grant is at a loss of his memories and has a serious case of amnesia. Once he gets to where he believes is home he is greeted by a voice/recording refreshing/rebooting Grant’s memories, however Grant is left wanting to not remember once the things that haunt his past return. A flashback features a traumatizing memory of a moment in his very early life where his mother warns him of a fictitious monster called the ‘Goongaloonga’. He is quickly awoken by either a hallucination or a real manifestation of his terrors telling him that he has to find a magical power source and to get his shit together.


Grant gears up and packs his loyal yet questionable companion (hehe) for the trek at hand. As he is packing he hears a strange noise in a nearby cave that he must investigate. What he seems to have discovered is an actual materialized version of his mother’s monster the ‘Goongaloonga’! On a side note this comic has beautiful art and catchy vibrant colours throughout the book but this monster brought a sharp art style and darker colour palate that really suited the creepy tone. This whole situation is a really strange thing where the reader even questions the reality of this world in which Grant finds himself stranded.


In the middle of fighting the monster Grant is saved by none other than his own brother Brian McKay who comes in to save the day and rescue his stranded brother. What Grant discovers however is that his brother isn’t rescuing him from just any planet, he is rescuing him from some place called ‘Godworld’.


This is super exciting going forward in this series because Grant isn’t just stranded, he must have his relatives coming back to save him but we can’t know for sure. So much of this story’s reality is unreality and that is very exciting storytelling from a narrative perspective because as a reader we kind of rely on what we see when reading a comic book but Grant’s mind is deceiving us all. Really stellar writing and beautiful stylish art that I love and need to more of soon, so let’s hope there isn’t a 3-4 month delay with the next issue. I rate this book a 5 failed Pillar jumps out of 5 failed Pillar jumps… which means two strong negatives makes on hell of a strong positive?

~ Tyler Head







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