Comics: Best of 2015

  1. Best Comic Book Series
  2. Best New Comic Series
  3. Best Independent Comic Book Series
  4. Best Digital Comic Book Series
  5. Best Comic Mini-Series
  6. Best Original Graphic Novel
  7. Best Comic Story Arc
  8. Best Comic Art Team
  9. Best Comic Cover Artist
  10. Best Comic Writer
  11. Best Single Comic Issue
  12. Best Collectible
  13. Best Comic Book Moment


My Best of List:

  1. Secret Wars (Marvel)
  2. Ninjak (Valiant)
  3. Black Science (Image)
  4. Deadpool & Cable: Split Second (Marvel)
  5. Chrononauts (Image)
  6. G.E.E.K! by Matt Cohen (CamelToad)
  7. Justice League: Darkseid War (DC)
  8. Jason Fabok and Raul Manapul on Justice League (DC)
  9. Scottie Young (pull all Scottie Young covers from past year ~ Spawn 250, Drifter, Autumnlands, Marvel, Image)
  10. Jonathan Hickman (East of West, Secret Wars, Dying and The Damned, other)
  11. The Multiversity – Ultra Comics #1 (DC)
  12. Batman vs. Killer Croc (DC)
  13. Rai #9 – Rai being cast away from New Japan to Earth by Father  (Valiant)


It’s that time of the year where I sum up my thoughts and feelings about the comics of this past year.  The wild rides and the random times in retrospect. In the stolen fashion of IGN’s top comics list, for a few reasons I decided their list wasn’t good enough and I made up my own list to shine some light on some really great comics that I have read this past year that many people may not have been following, so that curious minds can search out and ponder some dope new things to check out!


  1. Secret Wars has been a phenomenal series that has helped transition Marvel’s comics universe into something completely new. Jonathan Hickman at the helm of the story, it has been an amazing ride that helped bring in a load of really cool comic runs from years past into the modern universe, and helped continue stories where they left off. owever delayed HoThe book suffered massive delays (#9 released January 13th  2016) but with its final issue just released now it is absolutely a fantastic piece of writing. It’s note-able to point out that DC’s very similar Convergence series event failed on the many similar fronts where the Secret Wars event has succeeded, the delay can be said to have been a good decision on Marvel’s part.


  2. Ninjak is a fresh series out of Valiant about a British ninja that is an MI-6 agent working to infiltrate and kill a major weapons dealer that leads to his mission of eliminating the members of an exclusive clan under the Undead-Monk named the Shadow Seven. This well thought out and high action series giving one of Valiant’s coolest characters his own series has been my favourite new series that started back in March of 2015.


  3. Black Science has been an astounding indie series under Image Comics that has recently been developing a new arc called God World which touches upon deeper sci-fi concepts and deeper psychological bounds that I thought would be too far-out but they pull it all off really well.


  1. I don’t read online comics primarily but when I do it is for exclusive peaks at cool comics that will be comings out later. Deadpool & Cable: Split Second was a digital first comic which is always a great way to take a peak at a comic before it hits the comic shops, but in this case particularly the physical copy of the book does not come with a digital copy included as most other Marvel books include normally.


  2. Chrononauts is the mini-series of 2015 that left me wanting much more. This four issue story by Mark Millar about time travelers at the epicenter of their time travel creation decide to cut loose and do their own thing and find their own trouble in times past. The story was AMAZING and definitely deserves to be picked up in any way shape or form.


  3. G.E.E.K! is an original graphic novel by Matt Cohen that was Kickstarted and released this past year. This is a great story filled with stoner-centric jokes and more than enough geeky references to earn its street cred.


  4. Best Story Arc of the Year hands down goes to Justice League: Darkseid War. This story arc has been filled with great moments and badass new changes for the characters you know and love. Anti-Monitor taking down Darkseid told in 3 epic acts. Without going into spoiler terrirory… SHIT GOES DOWN! We see men become gods right before our eyes. This arc has yet to wrap up but I really do not want this beautiful wild ride to end, Geoff Johns writing and Jason Fabok kicking artist ass is something I do not want to see end. (honourable mention to Rai #9-12)


  5. I like to think of Jason Fabok doing the regular series and Francis Manapul on covers with really cool artists for Act 2 as a tag-team of epic proportions on Justice League’s Darkseid War. This move was in part done to help give Jason Fabok time off to welcome a new baby into his family and it has proven to have been a solid choice for the 2nd act of Darkseid War.


  6. Scottie Young has put out some really wicked covers this year. I have to give it up to the guy for doing so many wicked covers this year that are highly coveted. Also producing his first indie series I Hate Fairyland for Image Comics the guy has been ultra busy.

    scottie young1ihatefairyland1scottieyoung2

  7. Best Writer of 2015 has to go to Jonathan Hickman for putting together a great finale to all of his work with Marvel in Secret Wars, but also the guy writes my particular favourite series East of West with top notch consistency. He is also busy working on many other projects and I can’t wait to see what comes next.
    East of West #22


  8. Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1, also referenced as the haunted comic book, is the single most mind bending experience that I have ever had from reading a comic book. Grant Morrison wrote this fantastic series for DC comics and while they were all particularly special it was Ultra Comics #1 that really brought all of his high concepts of reality into play toying with the thoughts of what is fiction and what is reality. I will forever be haunted by the one and only haunted comic book.


  9. Batman vs. Killer Croc statue by DC. This thing is absolutely stunning in person!


  10. The best moment in comic books this past year had to be in Rai #9 where Rai is first cast to Earth from New Japan by Father, for his first time. This was a very movie moment and set up the future of the Valiant universe by bringing Valiant heroes into the future folds.



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