Fight Club 2 #9 Review

Writer: Chuck Palahniuk
Artist: Cameron Stewart
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics


Fight Club 2 is a sequel done right. If you have not heard about the official sequel to the smash hit novel and cult movie Fight Club, then there is no better time than now. This book has gone to some really wild places, all while expanding on their original ideas from the original Fight Club. We find out that 9 months after the events of the first book with Project Mayhem blowing up the financial buildings, Sebastian was institutionalized for his multiple personality disorder and other insanity that envelops him but upon leaving gets married to Marla who has been pregnant with Sebastian’s son. Cut to 10 years later and Sebastian is living a family life in a nice quaint house with his wife and son and working a solid corporate desk job. What is quickly discovered is that Sebastian has been heavily medicated to suppress Tyler Durden and Marla has been replacing his medication in attempts to bring Tyler back out to fuck her like he used to when Sebastian was taken control by Tyler. What Marla didn’t know is that Tyler had been continually around for periods of time when Sebastian would go to his therapist who would trigger Tyler back into action, thus finding out that he has perpetuated as well as expanded his diabolical organization around the world and has been working behind the scenes in small periods for 10 years. Not only has this been a very intriguing story written by Chuck Palahniuk (the author of Fight Club) but this book’s artist Cameron Stewart does an exemplary job in telling a story through strategic panel work, high attention to detail and beautiful splash pages. It is also worth mentioning that each of the 10 books physically look beautiful when collected together with the Mack cover art who does psychedelic portraits that are highly thought provoking.




Issue #9 is essentially a climax issue in which every story that has been playing out at the same times seem to come together in a big way. Sebastian seems to be snapped out of being controlled by Tyler but is walking in his shoes en route to being with his army and his son. When father and son meet, a brawl goes down with his son provoking Sebastian to fight him but ends up getting beaten down by his son. Marla then shows up with her army of people with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome to break into the compound and rescue her son. Upon Marla seeing both her husband and son, she then beats Sebastian down as well leaving him now beaten down physically by his own family. THIS is the moment where the fruits of this books labour seem to bear the most diabolical of fruits. The family is lead into the basement where Tyler pops up on a big screen in front of his army celebrating with champagne and fat joints. Without spoiling the best part of the book, history sort of repeats itself but in a much more massive scale. While this is happening the room, the entrances shut closed and the room begins filling with sand as Tyler preaches the bigger picture, essentially turning the room into a literal hourglass. Yet again this leads to another moment that really breaks the 4th and 5th wall in which Sebastian calls the author for help in this book. Before being swallowed up by the sand after getting his family to safety he is swiftly rescued and brought to the front stage by his old friend (and secret lover?) Angel Face. This leads to Sebastian reciting Tyler’s speech while getting help with the script from the author but the issue ends as a phone dies, leading to the final issue in the book which hopefully will reveal a lot about the future of this world as well as tie up loose ends… How insane is this book?!


This issue was huge and is undoubtedly a 10/10. So many things open up in this issue and there are a lot of call-backs to earlier issues that are highly satisfying. The roller coaster ride is jetting down at high speeds and only until the next issue will we know how safely this roller coaster will end up. The book has been a wild ride and I am glad to have been a part of it. If you are looking to jump on this roller coaster yourself and want to read the entire story, after the final issue #10 is released the collected book will release and you will be able to read Fight Club 2 in one go. If you like Fight Club and want to know what would happen in the future of that universe, this book is one sequel that does it right in many ways.

~ T.J Head


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