Ghostbusters Deviations Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Nelson Daniel
Publisher: IDW Publishing


            The first book in this 5-week event “Deviations” line of comics by IDW to hit the shelves is ‘Ghostbusters Deviations’. The idea behind this line of one-shots are IDW’s version of a “What If?” story and they featured 5 specifically chosen IDW licenses. The X-Files changes the world up by showing you what would happen if a young Fox Mulder was abducted by aliens, while Transformers shows you what would happen if Optimus Prime never died. G.I. Joe finally gives the advantage to Cobra in a world where Cobra turned the table on Joe, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flip the tables completely by showing us a world where the heroes in a half shell had joined Shredder. This is a really cool concept that is very approachable for all weekly comic book readers as most of these stories go back to prime pivotal points in each of the stories that even people who do not read the monthly ongoing series have experienced through the TV shows and movies of each license.


            The Ghostbusters Deviations book takes us back to the first Ghostbusters movie to the very important point where upon previously being warned to not cross the streams of their proton packs, they actually never cross the streams when fighting the giant Stay Puft marshmallow man (Gozer the demon) and do not explode him. At this point the book takes place a while after that failure and the Stay Puft giant rules New York and has covered all of Manhattan in marshmallow goo, and it would appear he has little marshmallow minions causing trouble all over New York. Without spoiling anything, this book takes us to some interesting places that really shake up what we never imagined could have happened but makes it all believable scenarios. I will however put something on the table that kind of left me reeling on with this book which was the ending. Things sort of just happened without explanation, but based on the event which had just happened prior to the moment it can almost be forgiven but left the ending feeling a little throwaway. I really had a good time with the humour and reading the dialogue in the voices of the actors from the movies, and the book gave a really cool look into an alternate world/timeline which is always a cool thing for books to do. The writing felt really true to the Ghostbuster universe and called back to many things outside of the main story that would have been affected by this event as well, and the art told the story in a really great way as the artist had to deal with a range of scales and sizes for the entities in the story doing it much justice. If you are a fan of The Ghostbusters or even just a fan of the Ghostbusters movies then this book is for you, so pick it up before it sells out at your local comic book shop!

~ T.J Head


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