Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deviations Review

Writer: Tom Waltz
Artist: Zach Howard
Colourist: Ronda Pattison
Publisher: IDW Publishing


            Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deviations is the final issue in IDW’s series of Deviations books which are essentially IDWs version of a “What If?” story. This issue takes us back to the City Fall (Volume 6) story arc in the TMNT ongoing comics where at a pivotal moment in the first great TMNT ongoing story. City Fall is the time when the TMNT series was hitting its strides after they had developed a wide cast of characters and factions, as well as just come off of a really great story arc dealing with Krang and Ultrom. There is a pivotal moment in City Fall where Casey Jones gets shanked by Shredder and Leonardo is brainwashed to work for The Foot clan. The real story goes on essentially that Casey Jones and Leonardo are saved, but things go much darker in this ‘Deviations’ issue when Casey Jones is actually killed leading to ALL the Turtles being brainwashed to work for the Foot clan.



            The story starts with the Turtles torturing Hob of the Mutanimals to find out where Splinter is and we see them hunt down Splinter in the dark of night. They are shrouded in shadows and don red Foot clan face masks and clothing making them all look really great as an evil version of the TMNT. Without spoiling the story (because it is a well written story with good twists and turns) this book goes to some really good places and the story in all is a really fun ride with a genuinely touching ending. As a fan of TMNT this book hit all the right notes with being a heavy action read with great dialogue and story direction. Tom Waltz not only hit a home run with this books writing but also gave Mikey a line that made me literally jump out of my seat and jump in excited joy where he says, “Spliiiiin-teeeeerrr. Spliiiiiin-teeeeerrr. Come out to playay!”. Zach Howard’s art reminded me very much of Kevin Eastman’s art style which made the fan in me enjoy every panel and soak in every page for 5 minutes at a time just loving up the art. Ronda Pattison on the colours really livened up the book and it reminded me of a classic 90s comic colour palate. I’m not entirely sure if this book would make sense to someone who doesn’t/hasn’t read the story that this comes from but you will still get a great little evil TMNT story to chew on for fun. This was a great book and it’s obvious that a lot of love and thought was put into this book. This is an absolute must read for any TMNT ongoing series fans.

~ T.J Head



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