Gwenpool #1 Review

Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: Gurihiru
Prologue Artist: Danilo Beyruth
Publisher: Marvel Comics


Move aside Deadpool, and welcome a new contender for merc with the most mouth. Gwenpool gets her first comic book series post Secret Wars and it’s not just an anniversary special. A character that begun as a variant cover during Marvel’s “Gwen Stacey” multiverse variants now has an adventure to embark on and hi-jinks to get into. The book gives this character more depth and gives us something hefty to chew on rather than just the remnants of whatever Marvel flung at the wall to see what would stick. This book is a fun ride that actually proved to be something that I may be into as a Deadpool comics fan.

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The spectacular first issue of Gwenpool felt very much like a Deadpool comic as Gwenpool lives up to the wild insanity and 4th wall breaking nature of Deadpool. The character is constantly talking to the readers of the book while referencing her self awareness that she is living in a fictional world and telling us that she is from our real world… with Donald Trump running for president and Apple products existing real world. She does not have the regenerative healing factor that Deadpool has but she has proven that she has as many if not more guns at her disposal than Deadpool. Throughout the comic she is taking on these extreme things while being completely vulnerable, all while being crazy enough to do anything she wants and succeeding. The first issue begins with a prologue to help explain Gwenpool’s situation and quickly hooks the reader as she foils a heist and takes a hacker as her sidekick henchman. The book then launches into the full story in which she takes a higher bounty job for quick cash and she attempts to do a mission way beyond her level of skill where we find Gwenpool crashing an alien weapons trade boat but being too late as someone had just cleared the boat before her arrival. Without spoiling the book further I will just mention the BIG reason this book appealed to me was the appearance of my personal favourite villain M.O.D.O.K.!


The writing holds up to being a different and enjoyable Deadpool experience by offering the best parts of Deadpool while mixing things up in an adventurous story. The scenery is solid as the art is cartoony and the colours are bright& fun. I wouldn’t say that the art is anything special but it is a great example of good panel choices and telling story through imagery. Overall the book is well put together and I could see Deadpool fans and female Marvel universe fans easily flocking to. I did not expect anything decent to come from this variant cover character to be honest, but this book proved to be something that even I would read and subscribe to. Pick this book up if you are looking to try something new and fun!

~ T.J. Head


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