Black Science #21 Review

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Matteo Scalera
Publisher: Image Comics





            The stellar time travel comic Black Science reaches the end of its 4th story arc and ends on a high note! The Godworld story arc has been a high point of this series as we follow a lost Grant who picks himself up and is inspired and motivated to find his missing family through time. The story gains direction as Grant sort of fixes mistakes he’s made in the past with his time pillar, and follows a trail of time anomalies which brings him to a beacon coming from an Earth similar to his original Earth, yet still different. This is where Grant discovers a mountain sized bombshell integral to the original intentions of his time travelling team member Rebecca. The theme of this issue is knowledge versus wisdom and Grant McKay proves this in spades. Without spoiling too much of the ending, we are left with a wise Grant who is on a warpath to redeem himself and the reckless actions of his past that has left his family lost through all of time. While Grant tells us that the difference between wisdom and knowledge is the reason why history repeats itself, do we find Grant taking the high road for a change or is he just being reckless as usual?



            Issue #21 does some great things for Black Science and is a prime example of a great ongoing story ending. Reading this issue alongside another end issue (Fight Club 2), while both stories are two completely different reads with two different messages and payoffs, I feel like Black Science ended strongly & beautifully, while the other story sort of felt like a filler ending packed with fancy trinkets and wrapped in a tight fancy bow. I felt like Black Science ended this story arc with great care to all aspects and developed Grant’s character in a major way where Grant has learned from his biggest mistakes in the past. The ending was heavily influenced by the theme of wisdom which turned into a big payoff by the end of the issue. The art is so well done, Matteo Scalera continues to deliver work that shines bright in a sea full of indie titles with average to amazing art. Black Science always features a range of pencilled environments and creatures but this issue featured both evenly throughout, which also brings a wide range of attractive colours that fit the art so well. Rick Remender writes a murder mystery into his story with this issue where his character Grant sort of foils a rival’s plans and it’s done in a way that feels like justice is served by the end while enticing us for what is to come next now that Grant has officially begun his quest to piece back his scattered family from the different timelines. If you have not been reading Black Science, this is a series worthy of picking up in trades as this is one of those fantastic stories and this volume ‘Godworld’ should be hitting the market soon. Pick up Black Science today!


~ T.J Head


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