Renato Jones: The One% #1 Review

Writer: Kaare Andrews
Artist: Kaare Andrews
Colours: Kaare Andrews
Publisher: Image Comics


            Kaare Andrews is one of the most effective comic book creators in the industry today. Recently he has done one of Marvel’s best singular stories from the ‘Marvel NOW!’ line of books, ‘Iron Fist: The Living Weapon’ is a fantastic story written and drawn completely by Kaare Andrews. This book grabbed my attention like no other Marvel title has as Kaare developed a great timeless tale about the Iron Fist that was excellent in many ways and told a completely cohesive story (which I find Marvel books tend to lack). Since the end of that book prior to 2015’s ‘Secret Wars’ event I had begun to keep my eye on Kaare Andrews and when I discovered that his next big project was a creator-owned story that he was once again writing, drawing & colouring himself, I was instantly sold before even knowing what this story would be about. Having just finished reading the first issue I am completely hooked and have developed an instant love for the story he is telling about an avenger of the 99% of the world who hunts the One% down and kills them for their destructive negligence in the world.



            Renato Jones: The One% is a story about a young boy from the streets of Jakarta who is at a crossroads where he must either lie about his identity or die for his crime of drug smuggling. The young boy decides to pretend to be a missing kid from one of the wanted posters on the walls in the police station and eventually finds himself being brought back to the home of the Jones family, a wealthy family with private jets at their disposal and a lush mansion complete with hired help. While this boy is being enveloped into this world of high class he is being told a wide array of helpful information for assimilating to this new life as part of the Jones family from the man who retrieved him from Jakarta, Mr.Church. This is simply the origins that the story jumps into from moment to moment to explain why we are following this full grown man of wealth, Renato Jones. In the main story we find Renato Jones on the yacht of a wealthy philanthropist, Douglas Bradley, who abuses the cheap help of whom he hires in the Caribbean in more ways than one. Eventually we discover that someone is running through the yacht murdering all of Mr.Bradley’s gunmen and Renato Jones finds himself locked up in a panic room/vault with Mr.Bradley. What Bradley doesn’t know is that he has just locked himself up with the man of whom they are hiding from, known as the Freelancer, a vigilante who seems to be hunting down wealthy people for seemingly no reason as his kills do not seem to have correlation. When the reveal of whom Renato Jones truly is, an epic fight breaks out between him and Mr.Bradley who uses some advanced tech to become a giant muscle bound brawler, complete with Freelancer taking his signature knife-gun to the face narrowly killing him.


            Renato Jones: The One% #1 is an extremely well done first issue done by Kaare Andrews under Image Comics, and is a series of which I can see following through the coming years. Kaare’s art is distinct and highly effective, from his great pages that feature black and white contrasted inking to his flashback pages where we see the origin of Renato Jones done with a great aesthetic page effect (similar to Iron Fist: The Living Weapon’s flashback pages) that effectively make the flashbacks feel like you are looking at old drawing on folded paper. Andrews also does the colours for his art which enhances his art and attracts the eye in a compelling way. If you didn’t think it was impressive enough that he is doing the art and colours, Kaare Andrews writes a unique story that I believe we can all relate to which deals with the ‘One%’ or people of high wealth whom shape the world from behind the scenes with no regard for the everyday lives of regular people. The book also has some cool features to it such as these real-life photoshoot advertisements of this book with images of people of class and cologne which I get a kick out of. Kaare Andrews also got to write a very inspirational page in this issue telling readers/creators to follow their dreams and create something beautiful no matter what, as well as, got to feature his very first “Letters” or fan mail page at the back of the book which features letters written from Sean Astin (“Goonies never say die.“), Tegan & Sara and Warren Ellis. This book feels close to the character Batman if he had started out as severely affected by lower class to the point of doing what he must to stop the over-privileged One%ers who recklessly abuse the people less fortunate. Regardless of what the book feels like, it is a completely unique story and is filled to the brim with love, evident in each page as Kaare Andrews is giving this book his top quality treatment. This book feels like yet again another smash hit creator-owned story coming out of Image Comics, and if this book sounds like it’s for you then I would recommend jumping on as there must be much more story to tell. Add ‘Renato Jones: The One%’ to your pull list today!

~ T.J Head



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