Justice League #50 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Jason Fabok
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: May 25th, 2016



Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. Justice League #50 released the same day as DC Universe: Rebirth #1 released and we now have a much clearer image of what the future of the DC Universe may bring. Justice League’s Darkseid War has been one of the best stories coming out of DC comics in a while and the whole series hits hard now that it’s in the last issues of the series. Issue #49 left us with some crazy moments like Mobius being killed and the Justice League squaring off against Grail & anti-life powered Steve Trevor with Myrna keeping a watch from behind her daughter. On the side of justice we find Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan & John Stewart, Mr. Miracle and a de-powered Superman next to the god-powered heavy-weights Shazam, Flash/Black Racer, Lex Luthor, and Batman. Superwoman stands with her baby (who absorbed Superman’s powers and is inverted looking) at the sidelines with Owlman, Grid and Valthoom/Jessica Cruz. Issue #50 is such a huge issue, I actually had to keep a running list of all the big things that happened in the issue and you can find that below, so just to be warned if you havn’t read up to this point then the whole issue will be spoiled.




  1. Grail gets personal with Wonder Woman since imbuing Steve Trevor (supposed first man to step foot on Themyscira) with the power of the Anti-Life equation. In the midst of battle we find that Steve Trevor is actually resisting the anti-life powers but is struggling hard to get a complete grasp over it.
  2. Lex Luthor with his Omega power saves Wonder Woman but in doing so Superwoman uses her baby (who we quickly discover is the son of Alexander Luthor the Inheritor of Evil) to absorb Lex’s god powers, draining him back to a human.
  3. Superwoman gets incinerated out of nowhere! Grail uses her laser eyes to kill her and picks up Superwoman’s baby.
  4. Grail then uses the baby to absorb the Black Racer from Flash but the racer not being a power and rather an entity, the baby does not absorb him. Grail having released the Black Racer from Flash, now stands looking to kill and Grail convinces him to chase down and kill Flash.
  5. Shazam tries to threaten Grid & Valthoom (a little half-heartedly I might add) but Grail steals Shazam’s “God of Gods” power with the baby.
  6. Victor Stone and Jessica Cruz (inside of Valthoom’s ring) devise a plan where Vic starts hacking into Valthoom’s ring and with a moment of control over Valthoom, Jessica Cruz throws her and Valthoom into the path of Black Racer chasing down Flash. This kills Valthoom and Black Racer leaves happy.
  7. Now that 95% of the Justice League is de-powered (all but Batman on the Mobius chair) they attack in hopes to stop Grail as she taunts them by saying that she can kill any god, and they figure they aren’t exactly gods so why not blitz attack her.
  8. Mr.Miracle, noticing that Steve Trevor is actually resisting the anti-life power, figures he isn’t the first male to step foot on Themyscira as previously assumed by Grail. Mr.Miracle talks to Batman and asks him to figure out who the actual first male to step foot on Themyscira is and the Mobius chair begins hurting Batman with heavy amounts of knowledge.
  9. Grail then absorbs Steve Trevor’s anti-life powers with her baby. This now allows Grail to perform a ritual with the godly powered baby.
  10. Grail, using the baby of Superwoman and Alexander Luthor, resurrects Darkseid once again!
  11. Hal Jordan notices that Batman is being torn apart in his mind by the Mobius chair as he has been really concerned about Batman ever since he got this new power. Hal Jordan takes off his Green Lantern ring and physically forces it onto Batman’s hand which allows Batman a moment to separate from the Mobius chair.
  12. Out of a boom tube comes Big Barda leading the Furies of Apokalips into battle against Grail and now Darkseid.
  13. Owlman takes this opportunity to steal control of the Mobius chair while Grid downloads himself into the chair’s computer/tech and they both disappear into thin air.
  14. Everyone is fighting. It’s an all out brawl against Grail and Darkseid. Myrna and Wonder Woman focus on Grail when Myrna tells her that she must kill her. Grail kneeling and Myrna holding her, Grail blasts and kills Myrna with her laser eyes BUT also kills Darkseid who was standing behind Myrna!
  15. In a huge blast of godly energy the battleground turns into an empty blast zone. Steve Trevor is found alive and well. We find Victor Stone has put himself back into his body becoming Cyborg again, but we also discover that while Valthoom died Jessica Cruz is alive and well.
  16. Jessica Cruz earns herself a new position as part of the Green Lantern Corps. (this leaves the Justice League just as confused as the readers as to why the GL Corps. needs another human to patrol their sector of space… I love that we finally have a female human Green Lantern)
  17. Big Barda tells Mr.Miracle she only helped because she promised the Furies that she would work with them if the Furies helped fight Grail and Darkseid. Big Barda leaves with the Furies in a boom tube.
  18. We discover that Grail snatched the baby up in the blast and we discover that the baby is now a baby version of her father, Darkseid.
  19. Lex Luthor returns to his followers/cult on Apokalips where the followers have developed a cool suit with a big crafted Superman symbol for the armor’s chest piece. Lex Luthor is now wearing a badass suit of armour, sitting on his throne on Apokalips, with the original Motherbox from issue #1 of Justice League (New 52) and instead of pinging the box is beeping the word “Lex”.
  20. Superman is dying ever since being thrown into the pit on Apokalips and absorbing that energy that turned him into an inverted-colour Superman.
  21. Hal Jordan confronts Batman in the bat cave about the answer the Mobius chair gave him when Batman asked about the Joker’s true identity. Batman responds with the answer that he got which is “there have been 3 Jokers”. (This is really cryptic but very intriguing as we get closer to getting some more answers about the Joker’s identity/identities coming in issue #52)
  22. Wonder Woman flashes back to the time where Myrna watched Hippolyta give birth to not only Wonder Woman but a twin brother named Jason, as she holds her baby Grail in from a distance in the bushes. The status of her brother Jason is unknown to all but is more likely alive somewhere doing something than dead.
  23. Epilogue: Owlman sits on the Mobius chair with Grid in the chair on the moon. They are talking with Metron as he explains how to use the chair to Owlman. Out of nowhere they see someone they are very much afraid of (I am guessing it is Mobius himself, but don’t quote me). They are all incinerated and killed leaving the Mobius chair floating covered in blood.




This is such a complex issue of the series that it was almost necessary to keep a running list of all the big moments. Obviously there are some big moves and plays at work with this issue, leading into the Rebirth event. There are still 2 more issues in the Justice League series so we will be getting more answers in those issues in the near future, such as the identity/origin of Joker/Jokers. This book alone was a high point in the 10+ part Darkseid War series among the many other high points. Geoff Johns wrote his biggest most epic story yet with this story and has now taken place as my favourite story to come out since Flashpoint and the New 52 launch. Beyond the Darkseid War featuring a fun story, a huge cast of players and many pivotal moments for DC Universe as a whole, Jason Fabok has been the guy putting this book together. Not enough can be said about how amazing Jason Fabok’s art style is and the designs he puts forth for all of the characters is spectacular. I seriously want action figures of all of his designs because when he designs costumes, suits and characters in general you can feel that they have lots of thought put into them and they have a sort of subtle flash & dazzle that really catches your eye in many ways. Geoff Johns really hits it out of the park and into the DC Universe Rebirth, and as much as I am becoming disinterested with DC comics as a whole, you can tell that the DC universe is in good hands and moving in a really great direction.

~ Tyler Head


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