Detective Comics #940 Review

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Eddy Barrows
Inks: Eber Ferreira
Colours: Adriano Lucas
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: September 14th, 2016

Detective Comics reaches the end of its first story arc and a lot of shit goes down! The story began with Batman asking Batwoman to put together a team of the younger vigilantes (Spoiler, Cassie Cain, Tim Drake) as well as the unforeseen addition of Clayface who wants to do something good in the world despite his shady history. The story took some wild turns when an army of gun toting militarized versions of Batman got personal not only captured Batman himself and infiltrated the Bat-Tower forcing this Bat team to run away. among being an international terrorist micro-army being run by Batwoman’s father! If you haven’t been reading the new Detective Comics and this sounds interesting to you, go read and avoid this review. Each issue has been pure Batman fun and top notch quality on all fronts, making Detective Comics one of the best books to come out of DC’s Rebirth. All you readers on board and knowing what’s going on wanting to peek a little into the latest issue’s secret then you will want to keep reading because this sixth issue gets juicy.






We see Kate Kane standing in her father’s way in his massive heli-plane while he is surrounded by Argus’ planes at the ready to take him down. As her father plans to make a teleportation jump called the “Black Flight Protocol” Kate tackles her father out of the window of the heli-plane and the heli-plane disappears into a blast of lightning. Batman is trying his hardest to get to Tim Drake as he is somehow still alive but pretty beat down after a first drones strike. We see a panel of stars/lights which is a really cool couple of pages until Tim Drake is gunned down by a second wave of drones.


Detective-Comics-940-DC-Comics-Rebirth-Tim-Drake-Red-Robins-Fate-Spoilers-3 (1).jpg


The story eventually cuts to Stephanie/Spoiler who has gone silent to the Bat-family for a week and Batman is in her apartment waiting for her. Stephanie is devastated by the death of Tim Drake as she has felt intimate love for him for a year or so now. As Batman confronts Stephanie, she shows Batman a letter that came in the mail for Tim which was a grant/scholarship for Tim Drake into Ivy University as a young genius. Stunned, Batman drops the letter and he & Spoiler embrace each other crying and mourning their loss.




This is when the book gets REALLY juicy! We see Tim Drake warp into a dark void through a plasma/lightning blast, procured and saved before he was killed by the drones. We then see a hooded man holding a staff welcoming Tim to this place. The mystery man tells Tim that he is so crucial to the universe that he was not killed but rather taken off the field”. Tim Drake upset that he is locked in this cell, he shouts “THIS ISN’T OVER!” and the hooded man replies “You’re right. This isn’t close to over.”




This book not only provides a solid ending for one of Rebirth’s best titles but also continues the teaser at the end of DC Universe: Rebirth #1 where characters mysteriously disappear in plasma blasts, the kind of plasma blasts similar to Dr. Manhattan’s powers. I am excited to continue reading this series as well as Batman going in to the next story, “Night of the Monster Men” about kaiju-sized monsters in Gotham city which is fitting considering Halloween is right around the corner. I am loving this book much more than I am enjoying the main Batman series and I am excited to see what comes out of this three bat-series crossover story. The writing by James Tynion IV has been fantastic as expected from him and the art more than exceeds expectations for the Detective Comics title in each issue. If you want a genuine Batman book in a post-Rebirth world with lots of mystery and action, pick up Detective Comics #1-6 either in issues while supplies last or by picking up the upcoming collected book of this first story run.


~ T.J Head



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