#NewComicBookDay Week 2 – Jan 11th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for January 11, 2017 was a hefty week. Lots of great DC books, no Marvel books, and lots of Image & Indie books… been extremely excited for the Seven Blades of Master Darque story as the entire Ninjak series by Valiant has been phenomenal spy/espionage/ninja storytelling.
DC pulls include All-Star Batman #6 ending John Romita Jr.’s art (YESSSSSSSSSS) and beginning a vast gallery of great artists to draw for Scott Snyder, one of the best Batman writers out there (couldn’t help but pick up that Francavilla cover).

Detective Comics #948 & Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #12 dropped today. As much as I have been enjoying these books, the bi-weekly release of these books have been tough on the wallet.

DC’s Justice League vs Suicide Squad event also continued with JL v SS #4 as well as Suicide Squad #9. I have been enjoying the event so I am picking up the tie-in issues to get the full story.

Image released Max Landis’ Green Valley #4 as well as the wild tale about moonshine werewolves continuing in Moonshine #4. Both of these books are great for only being 4 issues deep. I need to add Moonshine to my pull list…

I have a love/hate for Outcast yet I still picked up this weeks latest issue #24… I kinda sort peaked inside at the shop and…. it’s huge.


Spread is a book I have nothing but a heart full of love for despite how dark and gruesome such a book is. Spread is one of those original books that is so great, I believe we might get to see a tv adaption of it one day.

Violent Love is a book I am developing a love for as its a sweet new book coming out.

Aftershock comics released Shipwreck #3 today which should be an interesting next part to this dark twisted series that I am enjoying in a big way as it makes me want to unravel it’s mystery.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, Valiant Entertainment released Ninjak #23, beginning the new “Seven Blades of Master Darque” story that this entire series and Valiant’s Book of Death event lead up to where Master Darque has been resurrected from a tree and the remaining Shadow Seven are coming back for some reason. Ninjak going against the love of his life/best & worst rival, Roku… this is the ULTIMATE story.


Discover some new reads today at your #LCS!


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