#NewComicBookDay Week 4 – Jan 25th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for Wednesday, January 25th, 2017; this weeks revolutionary pulls, featuring the Jack Kirby inspired Kamandi Challenge #1 as well as the one-shot book that expands the world of Animosity, The Rise #1.
This weeks pulls include:

Marvel releasing Thanos #3 written by local Jeff Lemire, as well as Deadpool #25 ending the great Deadpool 2099 story. While I don’t subscribe to the Deadpool series, I do pick up the rad 2099 one offs that come out every six months. 

DC had another heavy Bat-week with Batman Beyond #4 & Detective Comics #949 which are still two really good Rebirth books. 


Justice League vs. Suicide Squad ended this week with issue #6 (while it began as an event with excellent art, it tailed off with a particular lack-lustre ending & art in my opinion). The always dynamic space opera Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #13 dropped as well. 

Jack the “King” Kirby is honoured this month with DC’s fun tribute comic The Kamandi Challenge, pairing legendary writers and artists into 12 teams to each write and draw a piece of the story from the last place it left off from with the prior team, creating unique & fun direction. This is an exciting year long comic to honour the King, one of the most inspirational creators of the silver age of comics.

DC & IDW crossover to release Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3 this week, as well as IDW putting out issue #66 of their great TMNT ongoing (I always have to get the Kevin Eastman variants, but I also picked up a copy of the Artist Edition B cover).

Vertigo put out another issue of Frostbite with issue #5 of 6. Pretty decent series, want to see where this is heading.

Doom Patrol #4 dropped under Young Animal, my favourite series under the new Young Animal imprint.

Valiant comics has been killing it with a plethora of comics such as Bloodshot U.S.A. #4 ending this story by Jeff Lemire. Divinity III #2 released (I love all the Divinity B cover, despite the negativity towards them) as well as the hit new series about a U.K. footie star whose plane crashes on an island populated by dinosaurs in Savage #3. It’s a badass story with fantastic art.

AfterShock comics expands the world of their biggest hit series Animosity: The Rise #1. This book rewinds the story back to when the wake of the animals began and explores many details of the world in this issue.



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