#NewComicBookDay Week 5 – Feb 1st, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for February 1st, 2017. The small pulls pile of mine this week features Walking Dead #163 which is a stellar extra-sized issue full of action and suspense… and the best part is that it only cost $0.25 as per Image’s 25th anniversary price initiative.  
Marvel released a couple great books including Monsters Unleashed #2 (I love the Francavilla variants), Moon Knight #11 by Jeff Lemire (sadly announced to end soon), and Darth Maul #1 which is surprisingly so good that I want to pick up the rest of the series to come (the little story at the end of issue #1 was great too).

DC dropped a lot of great books today including Batman #16 (the twist at the end is huge), Superman #16 which has been a great tie in story to Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity series in 2016. 

Green Lanterns #16 begins a new story where the lanterns visit Gotham City to investigate a fear mongering situation. Is it just the Scarecrow or is it the Sinestro Corps? Justice League features issue #14 where the league in the aftermath of the Calypso Diamond in JL vs. SS event, the league must come together in full trust to take down a planet sized “Deathstar” of sorts threatening to harvest/destroy Earth. 

Image released The Walking Dead #163 which retails for only $0.25 as the first book taking part of Image’s 25th anniversary celebration. Really massive issue for the super low cost of $0.25, and the start of a new story. You can’t go wrong. Pick this issue up asap. Visit your local comic shop #LCS today!



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