#NewComicBookDay Week 6 – Feb 8th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for February 8th, 2017. This weeks pulls were very indie-centric with a bunch of great Image books coming out today such as East of West or Black Science, my two favourite indie series’.
This weeks pulls include:

DC released All-Star Batman #7 (Francavilla variant cover) which the second half of the series seems to be shaping up a little better than the first part for me. Detective Comics #950 came out (100 more weeks til issue 1000!), as well as Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #14 beginning a new story where the Corps are in search of a last remaining Blue/Hope ring wielder.

Marvel dropped The Unworthy Thor #4 which has been pretty interesting. Not the biggest fan of Marvel or their books atm, but I am all for the Odinson Thor to come back and be a badass.

Valiant released Divinity III: Shadowman and the Battle of New Stalingrad #1 which is this events Shadowman tie-in set in a Russian conquered Earth. Ninjak #24 also came out which has been fantastic. Great story this arc so far, really amazing art and even better cover art for the issues. This will be a great story arc by the end.

Image released SOOOOO many great books today, from Black Science #28 with its first appearance of any kind of superhero in this series, to East of West #31 continuing the third year of the ongoing apocalypse in this weird proto-western world.

Green Valley #5, Max Landis’ mind bending medieval fantasy/futuristic science fiction book which has only been getting more and more interesting as each issue arrives. Who is this guy from an alternate reality/another time?! Moonshine #5 also released today, and I hope it kicks ass. This being the 5th issue will determine if I add it to my pull list of not.

Discover some comics to enjoy and visit your local comic shop #LCS to discover some great writing and often times stellar art!


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