#NewComicBookDay Week 7 – Feb 15, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for February 15th, 2017. This weeks pulls feature the end of Valiant’s hit new series Savage with issue #4. This is such a great book that goes to some wild places in a really great way. The mixture of art and story really blend together having 2 different artists/art styles that suit the story when it shifts from past to present. This story about a family stranded on a deserted island where they realize this island is more than ordinary as dinosaurs and other relics from different points in time appear and threaten their very survival. I am excited to see where this story goes when the series comes back in the future!

This weeks releases include:

DC’s Batman #17 & Green Lanterns #17 which also features Batman. Both great issues as in Bane is back and in charge in Batman, and Simon Baz has finally given up carrying his pistol in Green Lanterns!

Justice League #15 came out beginning a new story called Timeless which shifts the book back into a catastrophic event threatening the Multiverse this time. The league meets the Infinity Corporation and a woman who seems to have been watching the Justice League/The World since the dawn of time and even references Infinite Crisis & Flashpoint at one point. This is where Justice League should hit on some major Rebirth questions in the upcoming arc.


Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed #3 released today as well and while the book hasn’t shown its true colours yet, I hope this issue hooks me and makes collecting this story worthwhile. (I had to pick up the Francavilla 50s movie poster covers, they are all so great!)


IDW released their Batman/TMNT Adventures crossover book with issue #4 which has been a lot of good fun. They also released another TMNT book today with their ongoing series release of issue #67. It goes without saying the TMNT ongoing book has been a great series and you can jump in at any point and it is a compelling read.


Young Animal dropped a couple of hot books with Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #5 with the trippy-looking hockey player cover as well as Mother Panic #3 which I didn’t think I would be as into as I am. The book is about a celeb-utant in Gotham city who secretly fights crime and has all this secret stuff going down. What I love about Young Animal as a new book imprint, is that these books are original and tons of fun. They always throw in amazing visuals with modern down-to-earth writing and toss in fun extras in the back of their monthly books. Some of the most mind fuck stories and major fun you can have reading comics is reading Young Animal books.


Image released a whole bunch of books today, including Invincible #133 which cost only a quarter per issue which is the best deal in the comic shops these next few months. I read Invincible once but never got into it… but $0.25 is hard to pass up!


Spread #19 released today as well as Violent Love #4. Spread has been a great series but it’s sort of getting lost in its own madness as a story I feel. The creator did announce an ending is ramping up but we have a while to get there. Violent Love has amazing art and the story being based on a true-story makes the book all the more exciting to read.

Sex Criminals #16 released today and while I don’t usually pick up this series I am always intrigued by the XXX variant covers and this week because the art has been done by the one, the only, Fiona Staples I was compelled to pick it up… boy was I not disappointed by this highly erotic comic book cover! Hope to meet her one day and have her sign all of the great art of hers I have collected in recent years.


AfterShock comics released Animosity #5 which continues the main story in yet another chapter of this wild post-animal sentience world. This book is always at the top of my reading pile every month and doesn’t disappoint, being one of my favourite new books of late 2016/2017.


Last but certainly not least, Valiant Comics released the final issue in their new Savage book which has been one of the most original new books that Valiant has been releasing, much like their other title Britannia or Divinity. Savage #4 has left me wanting more from this character and I would love to see how Valiant weaves the main character into the Valiant universe as a whole. Pick up this book when it hits trades as it is something current comic readers shouldn’t miss.

Discover some great books as the shelves are flooded with them recently! Visit your #LCS Local Comic Shop today!


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