#NewComicBookDay Week 8 – Feb 22nd, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for February 22nd, 2017. This weeks massive pull features Outcast #25 coming out of Image Comics. This book has been off my pull list yet I pick it up every month in hopes that it will get better. I. Am. Sold. Find out why this book is getting my highest praise for the first time since its release below!

This weeks pulls include:

DC released a couple great Bat-books today, being Batman Beyond #5 as well as Detective Comics #951. Is this the return of Bruce Wayne or the Joker, or both?! Find out in Batman Beyond, while the League of Shadows is at it again stalking from the darkness in Detective Comics. Bat books are always solid, you know this people.

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #15 released today with some interesting moments like the experience with Saint Walker in this issue after last issue.

Kamandi Challenge #2 dropped with writing by Peter Tomasi and art by the legend Neal Adams. Peter Tomasi drives a solid sci-fi/fantasy while Neal Adams does art that rang a certain New Gods bell for me which is perfectly suited to this book.

Marvel released Thanos #4, which has been a cool pulpy Thanos story. Jeff Lemire killing it!


Vertigo released Frostbite #6 which wraps up this well thought out world’s story, for now. However, this book by the end stopped hitting the right notes that I enjoy and I will be dropping this book from my pull list for the future. Do check it out, it is just not for me.

IDW dropped another totes rad Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe with #7. The last issue gets my highest praise of the entire series as Nick Pitara was the artist on it and he did my favourite artistic rendition of the turtles I have ever seen. I am excited to see what this new issue delivers!

Earlier this week I got a mail call where I received a must have Valiant comics cat cosplay collectors cover. Divinity III #1 X-O Manowar Cat Cosplay through Nerd Block. Glad to have it in my collection however there will be another rare exclusive cat cosplay variant releasing at a comic con which I must get my hands on!

Speaking of Valiant and Divinity, this week they released Divinity III #3 (cover A and B) which has been phenomenal, as well as Harbinger #4 which I have now lost total interest in and am dropping. This book just isn’t doing it for me, much like all of Valiant’s “psiot” driven books, exception to a few.

Image released some phenomenal books today, most excitingly Outcast #25 with the 25 cent cover price. This issue changed my mind about Outcast as a series. While I have been down on it for a long while and trudging through until some action and truly shocking moments happened, my prayers have been answered! Exorcise me Reverend! It had been about 23 issues in and being the slowest burn of a story things had only just gotten gripping at #24 for me, but with issue #25 it has sold me. This content-hefty 25 cent issue, finally takes the stakes to a whole other level and delivers on the action in some ways we have not seen yet. While I must admit the twist at the end was a trope moment for fiction, it delivered a part of what this series needed. Visit your local comic shop and pick these 25 cent issues up as light reading for work or school, you will not be disappointed! If you really love it and Image Comics, grab the great looking Image 25th Anniversary variant!


Curse Words #2 released today which I am excited to experience as I have recently discovered and fallen in love with Ryan Browne’s humour & art & the wild machinations his mind creates. After discovering Curse Words #1 and falling madly in love, I went back and bough God Hates Astronauts, Ryan Browne’s web comic turned into graphic novel and I have fallen down the rabbit hole… or the Browne hole, if you will ;). Love this series so much I had to picked up all the covers this week such as Chip Zdarsky’s cover B variant and the Image 25th Anniversary variants for Curse Words).

Last but not least, an obscure “Comic Book Anthology Magazine” released called Sun Bakery #1 which at first glance looks like a rad comic that has a lot of Metroid (Nintendo) references that seems like will be a balls rad book to delve into! I enjoyed it so much it will be on my pull list and a review is coming in the future!

Whether you want a top-notch 25 cent comic, or to discover some new universe or mystery to uncover, visit your #LCS local comic shop today and discover comics today!


2 thoughts on “#NewComicBookDay Week 8 – Feb 22nd, 2017

    1. This is something that I would actually do every week for a couple years now on my Facebook page, however it never got any likes or any attention at all, so this year for New Years I decided to turn it into a weekly blog post which to me was already no effort making on my FB page lol. Glad you like it! Keep an eye out for my full comic book reviews though ;), those are a lot harder to find time to make! ~ Ty

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