Sun Bakery #1 Review

Sun Bakery #1 Review
Writer: Corey Lewis
Artist: Corey Lewis
Colours: Corey Lewis
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date:  February 22nd, 2017


Looking at the new releases wall at my local comic book shop, I discovered an obscure comic book out of Image comics by someone I have heard very little of. Corey Lewis has put together an anthology comic book magazine called ‘Sun Bakery’ full of little stories in which are all told in sequence and are expected to continue in further issues.

Flipping through the pages I saw great stylized cartoony art with references to some of my favourite things such as Nintendo’s Metroid game as well as rad ideas & moments sprinkled throughout that make the stories pop. This book also features a light-bulb mascot character who guides the reader along and comments on the book, breaking the fourth wall.

This is a special magazine anthology that is a fun time if you enjoy manga and western comics. While I rarely enjoy manga, this book is balls rad enough that it hooked me from the start.





The first story called “Arem” is essentially a story about a techno-modern Metroid with followers on an interstellar version of Instagram and she takes exotic pictures to get more followers. Everything from the space ship to the Metroid power suit is exactly the same from design to function, except that she is lives in her ship with a pet cat and spends her time on the internet trying to get more followers as she travels the universe to find the most rare pictures. Her ship lands on a planet and she runs into some rare beast similar to the iconic Metroid brain-sucker and as she tries to take pictures of it she can’t quite capture a pic. Without spoiling too much it gets exciting, however this is probably the my least favourite of the first three stories.




The second story is called “Dream Skills” which tells about a point in time in futuristic Japan where humans developed protective auras that would render a bullet shot at you to evaporate leaving you alive.

People have come to a point where “swords have become the ultimate life accessory (for life)” and people can create custom multi-compartmentalized blades/hilts & grips while leveling up in real life when mutually duelling other people.

Some people can get to a level where when they duel they can actually kill the other person! This story even features a page at the end that shows a breakdown of the main character Xasha’s custom blade and its special compartments. There was even the beginnings of a villain fight with the story thread that ran through the book which left me wanting more.

The story was my favourite of the three as it ends with a funny yet compelling cliff-hanger to the next issue. It had a very Genndy Tartakovski vibe as it felt like a mash-up of Samurai Jack and Power Puff Girls and that was a big sell for me with the deep lore that we feel compelled to continue reading after this issue.


Last but certainly not least was “Bat Rider“, a story done in all black and white which really suits the story as it has spectacular inking/shading. The story is about a rad skateboarder who puts on his leathers & helmet, but always grabs his possessed demonic skateboard locked away which seems to have a radical symbiotic relationship of radness. I love the graphic design in this story as it all fits a dark yet fast action occult story.

SunBakery04 (1).jpg
In the story when Bat Rider is out riding with a friendly skateboarder she seems to disappear into a portal of sorts off a sweet jump, when our main character freaks out at it and mis-jumps the same sweet jump nearly falling into the massive chasm in the ground. This story doesn’t have much drive in the writing department, however the art is so good it hooks you from the start. Bat Rider is absolutely my second favourite story of  this book.




The last micro-story that was thrown in at the end, called “Dead Naked”, features a three page story about a lady who kills a man after having sex for what seems to be diamonds, murdering him with a scorpion? Interesting lol. Random bonus story at the end there.


This last story symbolizes this book perfectly, as you have the random fun stories mixed with varying art styles that are done with a certain precision aside from Corey Lewis’ cartooning work in the first two stories compared to his more styled approach with “Bat Rider” and “Dead Naked”. If you are a fan of manga as well as comic and have a dark secret love for the 90s, this book is for you. Pick this up while supplies last as they will probably sell out being the new rad sleeper indie comic hit. Visit your local comic book shops today!


~ T.J Head


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