#NewComicBookDay Week 9 – Mar 1st, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the Wednesday of March 1st, 2017 features some great new books such as Extremity #1 from Image Comics by Daniel Johnson & Mike Spicer which seems to be a weird mix of Shaolin Cowboy & Star Wars. I am excited to give this new book a shot!
Pulls this week include:

DC’s Batman #18 which has fantastic art by local Windsor area artist David Finch in a part of this Bane vs. Batman issue that felt a little like a filler issue with som deeper significance. Green Lanterns #18 begins a new storyline featuring what seems to be a big move from the running GL villain Volthoom. Justice League #16 continues a story called Timeless which finally wraps up Bryan Hitch’s messy and heavily delayed JLA series from DC’s DC You phase. The fact that this story/series will slowly pay off in big amounts regarding Rebirth is a big draw but I have not been enjoying this series this far so I hope this story becomes that big pay off.

Marvel released Monsters Unleashed #4 which has been a fun to look at monster/kaiju book which brings forward a lot of Jack Kirby created monsters and tells a story of a new Inhuman kid who can commune with monsters he creates. Moon Knight #12 released today, continuing yet coming to a close soon on my favourite run of Moon Knight in a long while. This series has been way more structured and significant than the last Moon Knight series and that is all thanks to writer Jeff Lemire putting his own spin on the series.

Dark Horse finally dropped Kingsway West #4 ending the first story arc of a series I am dropping from my pull list. Kingsway West is a book with lots of ideas that fails to pull them all together cohesively, and while the historic western/fantasy theme to the book is a great concept it just feels out of place in this universe for its subject matter. Image’s Seven To Eternity by Rick Remender is a great book to check out if you’d like something good to read that pulls off that mixed concept in a massively successful way.

Image published some farm fresh #1s such as local writer/artist Jeff Lemire’s factory town book (which feels like an homage to this local area of Windsor/Essex, Ontario, Canada). While it is always great to read some top notch Lemire writing and art, I was more excited for the other #1 issue that released.


Extremity #1 released today with gritty/gory art that while I have not read it looks like an interesting meld of samurai/ninja lifestyle and futuristic sci-fi technology & concepts. I am excited to discover this world!


Deadly Class #26 has been out for almost a month now but I loved the Image retro variant cover so much I had to pick it up, and because Deadly Class is one of the beat current comic books on the stands and I will usually pick up their books here and there.
Discover some books today at your #LCS local comic shop!


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