#NewComicBookDay Week 11 – Mar 15th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for March 15th, 2017 includes a whole bunch o’ books! My favourite book this week has got to be Valiant Comics’ final tie-in to their Divinity III event called Escape From Gulag 396 #1 which appears to show us the story of where Archer & Armstrong are in this Russian-centric Valiant universe. Russian Valiant Universe is very cool and I feel bad for people who aren’t reading Valiant comics because they are essentially great original stories in a fresh exciting universe.
This weeks pulls include:

Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed #5 which will prove to be a massively scoped, bombastic, action packed yet underwhelming comic book in the end. I really loved all the Jack Kirby references throughout the series and was impressed by the introduction to this new Inhuman character, Kid Kaiju. His power to materialize whatever he draws and speaks with Marvel monsters is really cool, and they introduced the character in a well executed way which I rarely see Marvel pull off these days with new characters. 8/10 series (Francavilla 50s movie poster covers or you’re doing it wrong). I might just pick up issue #1 of the upcoming ongoing series of the same name, Monsters Unleashed coming soon.
DC’s Batman #19 & Green Lanterns #19 came out. Batman continued an issue where Bane is held up an entire day by Arkham Asylum inmates as he moves through looking for Psycho Pirate. I have very mixed feelings about this issue as a lot of it seems unrealistic in scope and the dialogue was sort of forced to sound more elegant than it was overall. I am hoping that this story wraps up in a big way because it just feels like a slow, dragging, padded story. Here’s to being optimistic. 

Green Lanterns began a new story focusing around the villain Dr. Polaris in his moment of wanting to cure his brother while having to deal with his evil side coming out more and more. It’s really good, and I am glad this book stopped all the inner monologue, and have been telling stories that expand the Green Lantern lore. 
Justice League #17 released today which has been bringing back Bryan Hitch’s JLA story elements which happened during DC’s “DC You” phase between “New 52” and “Rebirth”. While that story wasn’t great, this new story is pretty compelling as we are having a whole bunch of new lofty reveals for the DC Rebirth universe and the multiverse. I find myself excited for this story as I havn’t been too excited with some of the prior story arcs during “Rebirth”.
All-Star Batman #7 dropped and this stellar book has now shifted focus to the next villains in a new compelling “world-changing” story featuring Mad Hatter! Of course, this book ends with a small back story that expands Duke’s place in the Bat-family which has been continually insightful and builds Duke’s character in great ways that Marvel writers should take note of with their new characters (Francavilla has been putting out a beautiful collection of variant covers I can’t help but collect).
Young Animal released Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #5, and while I am not completely jazzed by this book, it has something special that most books don’t have. A sort of original flair you don’t get from other books. I love what Young Animal is doing (short of Shade The Changing Girl which the story I just couldn’t follow) and I will continue to pick up the Young Animal line. Hell, Mother Panic even grew on me when I was not interested immediately. 
Image dropped my favourite series, East of West #32 which I am most excited to read. This book has been shaking everything up and I can’t wait to see everything explode in beautiful chaotic glory.
Valiant Entertainment released the next instalment in the Divinity III event with Escape From Gulag 396. This whole series has been continually excellent with its mind bending concepts since the Divinity Volume 1. It’s like Valiant to take they’re most epic mind-bending series and expand it like Rai and 4001 AD event. Divinity III has been a very successful big bombastic universe changing story with altered versions of all the major Valiant universe players in a Russian-rules world.
Sooo many good books. Go pick them up today at your #LCS local comic shop!


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