#NewComicBookDay Week 12 – Mar 22nd, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for March 22nd, 2017. This weeks massive releases feature a new book out of IDW comics that I have been interested in for a while, Helena Crash #1. The art has a gritty, graffiti cartoon style while the story has a sort of Wacky Races meets Mad Max feel to it with this badass lady at the helm in this post-apocalyptic world. IDW, much like Dark Horse comics, tend to put out great new original books and this series is definitely one of the more unique original books out there.
This weeks pulls include:


Marvel’s latest book in their Star Wars line of comics, Darth Maul #2. I have a serious appreciation for this Sith lord and this book delivers on the dark and gritty side of the force where we are in the dark grungy alleys of Nar Shadaa and we meet up with some familiar bounty hunters!
DC’s Detective Comics #953 & Batman Beyond #6 dropped as the two new bat-books of this week. These books are always solid, now is as good a time as any to jump on and read these books.
Young Animal (Gerard Way’s new comics imprint under DC comics) released Doom Patrol #5 and Mother Panic #5. Doom Patrol is in my opinion the best book out of Young Animal right now, and while Mother Panic is an edgy Gotham counter-culture book it hasn’t hooked quite me in a way that makes me want to keep reading it. I am dropping this book from my pull list however you might really dig this book yourself so give it a read sometime.
IDW dropped a whole bunch of books this week including issue #5 of their crossover TMNT Adventures book with DC’s Batman Adventures book which has proven to be a lot of fun and to be a story to be cherished.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #68 released this week, which if you havn’t been reading IDW’s TMNT ongoing book it has been just a stellar top-notch series from issue one. I recommend jumping in wherever possible as the single back issues are hard to find and very pricey (even harder to find if you are me who is trying to collect every Kevin Eastman cover or variant cover for an entire Eastman cover collection of the series).
TMNT Universe #8 arrived for me this week with a delay on shipping cover B to my store. This series is amazing despite the not so amazing cover price, as the story happening right now in it harkens back to the point where I first jumping into the TMNT ongoing series at issue #44 where Donatello was killed by Bebop & Rocksteady and his consciousness put into the Metal-Turtle body as a last ditch effort to save Donatello from completely dying. TMNT Universe is telling a bunch of random stories in the ongoing universe by a whole bunch of guest writers and artists and it’s possibly the most fun part of the TMNT ongoing universe.

Sell-out hit in disguise, Helena Crash #1 released this week for it’s first introduction to the world of comics about a lady in the post-apocalypse where it is run by gangs and she sort of runs shit. I am stoked for this book since flipping through the pages in awe at all the great art. The premise sold me in the previews and I am excited to read this Wacky Races meets Mad Max book. Pick this book up while supplies last at your local comic shop!

Dark Horse comics brings back one of my favourite Jeff Lemire books with Black Hammer #7 continuing where we left off with the annual #1 issue. It was a massive development and cliffhanger and I am glad this book is back to coming out monthly (Jeff Lemire covers always and forever).
Image dropped a bunch of great books featuring Curse Words #3 by Charles Soule and Ryan Browne. This book is wacky, beautiful, and loads of fun and this series has been the book I am always most excited for each week… I’ve even developed a bad habit of buying one of each cover variant… Judge me hard! #geeklyfe

Spread #20 released today continuing this crazy ass horror story where we are getting more reveals than ever and more story threads coming together making this book all the more satisfying as the book keeps going. Always happy with this book and I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps because it is a dynamic book yet simple to digest from dialogue to following where things are at in the story. 

Violent Love #5 dropped ending this new crime drama/romance book based on real events in the 70s. While this issue only ends the first story, I think this whole 5 issue story was perfectly enough of a contained story for me, I am happy with this being my last issue of Violent Love. Really beautiful art and a grounded realistic story coming together for this great five issue story. Keep an eye out for the collected edition coming out soon.
Valiant Entertainment put out their big X-O Manowar #1 book re-launching their longest running comics series that ended at #50 this past year. This book has Matt Kindt at the helm and is telling a new sort of story we havn’t seen before with the X-O Manowar, man out of time character. 


Bloodshot: Reborn #0 came out wrapping up Jeff Lemire’s Bloodshot ‘Reborn’ and ‘U.S.A.’ series’. This book also teases a lead-in to the next Jeff Lemire Blooodshot book given the new moniker ‘Bloodshot: Salvation’. Very exciting stuff coming out of Valiant including the upcoming movies such as Quantum & Woody to be directed and written by the Russo Brothers from Captain America and Avengers directing fame.

Comic books are plentiful and at the best they’ve ever been. Visit your #LCS local comic shop and pick up some new comic books today!


4 thoughts on “#NewComicBookDay Week 12 – Mar 22nd, 2017

    1. Yeah eh, wild news. Russos are going to produce Q&W into a tv show apparently? AND, new info today saying Archer & Armstrong movie to be made by Zombieland director! I am stoked for Valiant movies, but they’ve left us high n dry for at least 2 years now with movies hahahaha. Just so excited.

      I read #1 & #2 of Wildstorm aaaand, I wasn’t a fan. I don’t really like the characters other than Grifter (I love Grifter, he’s always under-utilized). It might be for other people but it’s not for me…. tho I am a sucker for countdowns like Wildstorm has on this new series lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah. That’s exciting about the Valiant news.

        Too bad about Wild Storm. I’m a fan and excited. I was a fan of the original so I guess that helps.


      2. I was never a fan of the older stuff so thats why it didn’t click with ne, but hey if you dig it give it a shot šŸ™‚


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