#NewComicBookDay Week 13 – Mar 29th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for Wednesday, March 29th 2017 features a bunch of great books but nothing quite as special as the ending & final issue of Divinity III with issue #4. Will the universe right itself or will Russia world-rule last for eternity?

This weeks pulls include:

Marvel’s Man-Thing #2 by living legend Goosebumps writer R.L. Stine and the book is proving to be a deep mystery based on a fun tragic character, and while I have my theories of where this book is going, you can count on Mr. Stine to write in a great twist! This book also features a spooky short story at the end that proves to be a well added bonus.


Thanos #5 dropped this week and it seems to be building a wealth of story threads to be picked up later. This book is a space-heist book surrounding Marvel’s most dangerous villain Thanos and his supposed downfall. While this book is only starting to get somewhere, I am more than willing to wait for the trades of this series as I am losing interest in the Marvel ongoing books and dropped it from my pull list.


I love what Marvel has done in the past, and I have a lot of respect for the legacy Marvel characters, but I came to the realization recently that I am disappointed with most of what Marvel puts out content-wise. Books tend to be poorly written, art usually rushed with even the best books, the quality of paper stock being low, the forced and unwanted random digital comics that come in each comic, the high cover price for the low-value, and the overall direction that Marvel takes with their books and it not being a direction I have desire to follow. Marvel has nearly lost me as a reader, while DC does everything bits better than Marvel… yet it goes without saying, the Marvel cinematic universe & Netflix shows are top-notch. Leagues beyond the DC movies and tv series’.
DC didn’t release much this week but they did release a couple special books. First being the next part of the tribute series to Jack Kirby with The Kamandi Challenge #3. I am loving everything this book represents and is doing with a new writer/artist on every issue to change things up in unique ways.


Dark Knight: The Master Race #8 came out this week as well after massive delays to the series, with the next issue coming out in roughly three months. This book is consistently fantastic and a great addition to the Dark Knight Returns saga. 


Image released Outcast #26 which was one of the best issues in the series as it felt like we are really getting going now with all the reveals!


Aftershock Comics released Animosity #6 continuing the story we are following in this sentient animal-run world. Animosity is a fantastic new series that came out of nowhere from Aftershock and I love every issue of this book. 


Valiant dropped the penultimate issue of Ninjak’s latest story in Seven Blades of Master Darque where Roku & Sandria Darque recruits the Shadow Seven & Ninjak to take down Master Darque as he is now resurrected from the tree he was trapped inside of in Valiants ‘Book of Death’ event. Ninjak has been my favourite Valiant ongoing series next to Rai and Bloodshot: Reborn.


Divinity III finished this week with issue #4 wrapping up Valiants latest event comic. This book and event as a whole has been stellar and delivers a thought-provoking ending, all while expanding the Valiant universe with four new characters (from the tie-ins) to be brought back later… I think Putin and the new Baba Yaga character might be homies? Baba Yaga seems to be the most important of the four to keep your eye on in the future. The end of this book also teased a newly titles book to be released later this winter called ‘Eternity’ which I believe might bring back the Divinity characters. 


Valiant does it again and hits the ball outta the park with the Divinity trilogy, an instant classic. Valiant is an easy universe to jump into and has a tightly maintained universe. Unlike Marvel or DC, when it comes to big universe altering events Valiant uses them to expand the universe rather than reboot it (as recently seen with the Rai series’ 4001 AD event). Valiant is surprisingly over-looked & under-read by weekly readers, while producing the best quality & best written books on the market. Find what interests you in the Valiant universe and give Valiant a shot next time you are at your #LCS local comic shop!


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