#NewComicBookDay Week 14 – Apr 5, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for April 5th 2017 was a week filled with great books featuring Rock Candy Mountain #1 out of Image comics, a smart & down-to-Earth story about rail-riding hoboes and hobo mafia. This story about an ass-kicking hobo named Jackson is full of hobo kung-fu and is full of mystery to be uncovered.  


This weeks pulls feature:


DC’s Batman #20 which is the end chapter of the I Am Bane story arc, and the Batman vs. Bane trilogy that kicked off at the beginning of DC’s Rebirth event. This book was really good but ended on a little bit of a victory for Batman, but also on a note that this story isn’t quite finished just yet. 8/10 book since it’s launch, give this book a read in trades if you have the chance!


Green Lanterns #20 which continued the troubling story of magnetism wielding villain Doctor Polaris who is trying to save his dying brother. This has been a fantastic story so far and I am excited about this books future as its gotten heaps better than when it started out.


Justice League #18 ended the Timeless storyline about the multi-verse spanning entity that is trying to end the prime Earth in order to fix the universe. It ended okay, a little disappointing but it was cool to see Bryan Hitch’s JLA run during the ‘DC You’ era between ‘New 52’ and ‘Rebirth’. I give it a 6/10, was aight.
Image put out a couple great books featuring Extremity #2 which seems to be an issue with more of a hook than its first issue. Really excited to see where this book leads.


Sun Bakery #2 dropped as well which is the continuation of Corey Lewis’ new anthology comic book which features his manga/anime inspired art with roughly about 5 fun stories inside, continuing and beginning stories. Any anime fan who also reads comics who isn’t reading this should pick it up as it is a very fun, well inked & coloured book. 


Rock Candy Mountain #1 is a first issue to a brand new book about train-hopping hoboes and the mystery that surrounds ‘Jackson’, our main character/hobo with a mission to find the mythical “Rock Candy Mountain”, which derives from a real song written back in the very early 1900s by a famous transient-turned-song writer. The song is about a mythical land in hobo history said to be a utopian heaven that would be good for hobo living, and while it just being a song, it would seem ‘Jackson’ is trying to find the real place… all while running from some sort of Devil guy who kills hoboes, and encountering a a hobo mafia & a new hobo newly names ‘Hollywood Slim’. This is a wildly funny book, with lots of intricate storytelling AND a well developed knowledge of hobo culture which is all cited in the back, WITH interesting back matter which is a couple pages full of the real history about hobo culture to inform the reader a bit. I recommend this book in a big way! Pick up Rock Candy Mountain #1 before it sells out as it is a hidden gem in Images new book releases.

Last but not least, Dynamite put out a #0 issue for a crossover book of old 90s Valiant characters and Gold Key characters (Solar, Turok, Magnus & ) called ‘Sovereigns’. While I don’t usually pull Dynamite books, at its $1 price-point it is an easy new releases pull for me off the rack/excuse to check out a crossover comic of some of the most interesting characters in comics! Give this book a shot, featuring art by Windsor, Ontario local artist Johnny Desjardins. (we breed lots of comic book talent in Windsor/surrounding areas)



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