#NewComicBookDay Week 15 – Apr 12th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of April 12th was a fairly small week of books releasing however some special books came out, featuring the new Valiant Comics series about the three “immortal brothers” (Armstrong, Gilad & Ivar) called ‘Immortal Brothers: The Tale of The Green Knight’. It is the first time the three brothers have had their own titular comic together, outside of various comics where they are all featured like The Valiant, or, Book of Death: Legends of The Geomancer.

This weeks pulls include:
DC’s Detective Comics #954 where we were left with Batman getting a surprise visit from none other than Ra’s Al Ghul who I am genuinely curious as to how he fits into this League of Shadows storyline where Orphan discovers that her mother is Lady Shiva, a deadly LoS assassin.


Image released a couple hot books such as Green Valley #7 as it draws nearer to the end of the book, however I really like this series and would love to see future continuations of the book once it wraps up in issue #9. Great time portal jumping shenanigans with medieval knights, you can’t go wrong.


Seven To Eternity #5 dropped as well which continues Rick Remender & Jerome Õpena’s fantasy sci-fi western book. It is a fast moving, wildly intriguing story in a fun universe that reminds me a bit of JoJos Bizarre Adventure where everyone has these inner weapons or curses. Glad this book is now releasing each month again.


IDW released Helena Crush #2, the continuation of the hit new for-hire world where lucha nobs and crazy vehicles exist. First issue was interesting, hoping this issue hooks me!


Valiant released a new #1 issue with Immortal Brothers: The Tale of The Green Knight which seems to be a medieval story in which we follow one of the moments in time and history in the Valiant Universe where the three immortal brothers all meet up for an exciting story. I am a sucker for any immortal brother stories as the last one we got (Book of Death: Legends of the Geomancer) was a secret story that revealed something important about their origin. I am excited to delve into this book soon as Valiant always puts out great content.


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