#NewComicBookDay Week 16 – Apr 19th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of April 19th was a MASSIVE week for comics. Out of all the books, the one book I am anticipating the most since the DC Rebirth teaser filled issue… Batman #21 “The Button”. The prospects of a Watchmen universe tie-in, as well as a Flash crossover event book, is very exciting as a fan of DC’s forgotten Watchmen universe & the Flashpoint event. 
This weeks pulls include:
Marvel’s big first issue to their latest universe reboot event, Secret Empire #0. This book wraps up the loose ends currently in the Marvel universe and will answer some questions as to Captain America working for Hydra. I’m not a fan of Marvel latest event books (aside from Original Sin, Spider-Verse & Secret Wars) and perhaps this book will capture my attention enough to read further.


Another new series, Monsters Unleashed #1 which begins a new ongoing series that branches out of the fun ‘Monsters Unleashed’ five-issue mini event. The new character ‘Kei Kawade’ has a fun ability and has been developed a bit more than most of the new Marvel characters, but I want to see more from this character and this first issue at first glance seems to be doing just that. 


Moon Knight #13 which has been continually fantastic and is my favourite book that Jeff Lemire is writing for Marvel, as it feels like a fun adventure while being a serious take on a superhero with mental illness. This is the best Moon Knight comic book series in a while!


While I am picking this issue up a month late, Doctor Strange and The Sorcerers Supreme #6 is a choose your own adventure story and while I haven’t been reading this book, it is a concept worth checking out. 

DC’s Batman #21 which begins the highly anticipated ‘The Button’ story which tosses a Watchmen relic (The Comedian’s blood covered smiley face button) into the moment in the DC event ‘Flashpoint’ where Barry Allen delivers a hand-written note to Bruce Wayne, written by alternate universe Thomas Wayne/Batman who would be his father.


I am a huge Watchmen fan and I cannot wait to read this book, but in the mean-time I can play with the lenticular cover & stare while drooling at Jason Fabok’s fantastic art. 


Jason Fabok being a Windsor-Essex native I am beyond impressed with all his work, yet behind the rose tinted glasses, glancing at the panel work inside & his splash pages are impressive in this book. Tim Sale’s variant covers have been attractive & at the regular cover price-point it is a definite pull for me.


All-Star Batman #9 dropped this week and despite last week’s editorial faux-pas in Detective Comics #952 which spoiled this issue, I am deep into this series and am in love with Francavilla’s back story that builds Duke’s character in a proper way and buffs Scott Snyder’s Bat-family in this post-Rebirth universe. 


Green Lanterns #21 released which has been middle-of-the-road while bordering greatness, and I am happy reading this book further. Better now than it began!

Justice League #19 dropped which continues a wild story about a god trying to put the prime Earth back to normal in order to balance the DC universe. Always excited to see how the threat is solved in these big bombastic situations and will remain on my pull list. 

DC’s Young Animal imprint released Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #7 which features Cave’s longtime pal Superman in his moment of dire need! I like this book for what it is, however it isn’t this most exciting read. The art in this book is some of the best pulp art you’ll find on the comic racks and yet the story isn’t captivating enough. This issue will be the deciding issue when it comes to my pull list.

Image comics releases yet another excellent instalment of Black Science with issue #29, yet another hit series by writer Rick Remender!


Curse Words #4 by Charles Soule & Ryan Brown released this week, and every time this book comes out I know that I’ll be having a good time. It breaks all my barriers to fantasy stories & stories about magic while being super attractive as Ryan Browne has a special art style. Shoutout to Tradd Moore’s trippy B cover this week! 


Dark Horse put out a new story in the Shaolin Cowboy series with ‘Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop The Reign #1’, which upon glancing at some of the coolest art in comics in this book it seems Crab-controlled people are on the list of people who will stop his brutal reign? This book is metal and if you like the idea of an unstoppable kung-fu cowboy this book is always the right choice for you.


Black Hammer #8 dropped this week continuing Jeff Lemire’s great story about heroes from a parody/parallel comic book universe who are trapped on a farm in a bubble dimension. This book is always a weird premise full of payoff and whimsy and holds a special place on my pull list in such a short time.


Valiant Comics released the next issue of Ninjak with issue #26 continuing the ‘Seven Blades of Master Darque’ story which has been alright so far but I am most excited to see where this book goes from here forward with Valiants upcoming ‘Rapture’ event. Valiant tie-ing in ‘Ninjak’ with the ‘Book of Death’ event, and onwards to ‘Rapture’ is a very exciting prospect as these and many more Valiant books are fantastic and culminate in a great way together and with overall continuity.


Visit your local comic shop #LCS an pick up a copy of Batman #21 “The Button” today before it sells out!


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