#NewComicBookDay Week 17 – Apr 26th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of April 26th, 2017 featured quite a good variety of new comic books yet today began a new sequel series continuing Valiant Entertainments hit mystery/horror series ‘Britannia’ with this new book titled ‘Britannia: We Who Are About To Die’ #1. Britannia, written by Peter Milligan and art by Jose Juan Ryp, released this past year and was a smash hit success out of Valiant with the books “prestige format” where the covers are high quality card material and I am glad to see this series come back so soon!

This weeks releases include:
DC’s Detective Comics #955 continuing the ‘League of Shadows’ storyline which has been interesting but is not an easy entry into the series for new readers. I am enjoying it but I am excited to see how Orphan develops further in this book.

The Flash #21 released giving us the second part of the crossover event with Batman, ‘The Button’ which harkens back to DC’s Flashpoint event as well as Alan Moore’s The Watchmen. We got a lenticular 3D cover with this issue of Flash done by the fantastic Jason Fabok. This series will surely go down as one of Rebirth’s best events!

Kamandi Challenge #4 dropped continuing the unique story by rotating all-star writing & arts teams (this week writing by James Tynion IV). Loving this wild story and always excited what trouble”Last Boy of Earth” Kamandi lands himself in.


Young Animal released Doom Patrol #6 which has been my favourite book of the new imprints book line. It is argueably stranger than Grant Morrisons run on the series and has been coming together well like a nice Gyro sandwich!

Marvel Comics dropped R.L. Stines new horror series, Man-Thing #3 which has been a fantastic alternative book being published by Marvel.

Star Wars’ Darth Maul series continues this week with issue #3 and I have been secretly loving this book, considering I dropped the Star Wars ongoing series at issue #10 and Darth Vader at issue #8. Maul is one of the most badass Sith lords and I love any story that he is involved in.


IDW released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #9 which begins a new story after the new Metal-Donnie upgraded and escaped in the last story. Beautiful sub-cover for this issue and fantastic art inside, I am always happy with this book despite the higher cover price & the series being an anthology of onscure ongoing series stories.


Valiant Entertainment dropped X-O Manowar #2 which is a great new book by a top-notch writing & art team on this relaunched series. I loved the first issue and I am sure I will continue to love this book as it is full of everything I want from a grizzled older version of the ‘Aric of Dacia’ character.

Britannia: We Who Are About To Die #1 released today beginning the sequel series to hit ‘Britannia’ by Peter Milligan and Juan Jose Ryp. I loved Antonio Axia as a new badass Roman Empire character in the Valiant Universe and I am excited to see what new mysteries lie ahead of this soldier/leader/detective.

Lots of great books out this week, jump on all these books as they hit the shelves hot at your #LCS local comic shop!


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