#NewComicBookDay Week 18 – May 3rd, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of May 3rd, 2017 was full of new releases, featuring this first issue of the Secret Empire event in which Captain America under Hydra takes over USA and effectively the world. Lenticular backing boards were also distributed with the book this week!

This weeks pulls include:

Marvels big first issue for their latest event comic, Secret Empire #1 which was actually a cool issue as a reader who only drops in on Marvel continuity with their event books. I was a little thrown off with at what time all of this is happening from page to page considering issue #0 had just taken over USA and in issue #1 everyone has already accepted and implemented their rule? Either way, I am enjoying this evil Cap book…. and I love the lenticular backing boards even more!


Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #1 which is a week old, however I heard good things about this and it sounds right up my alley! I’m always down for a Spider-man book that is about the Scarlet Spiders!



DC’s Batman #22 which continues the Flash crossover story called “The Button” in which both characters travel to the Flashpoint universe to investigate the meaning behind this bloody smiley button.

I am really loving the book being a DC continuity fan, and I am obsessed with collecting all the beautiful covers for this story.


Justice League #20 and Green Lanterns #22 both release beginning new storylines called “Endless” in Justice League and “Lost In Space” with Green Lanterns. Great books and I am excited to see what each bring to the table.



Image dropped Extremity #3 which has been an interesting new tribal/space book that has been beautifully drawn, with a world that seems to be deep as it took the second issue for me to begin warming up to this book.

Outcast #27 released which has recently grabbed my attention in full as I was apprehensive of this book from issue #1 to late in its late-teen issues while somehow getting something out of it enough to stick with it the entire time.




IDW released Helena Crash #3 continuing this intriguing new series about illegal coffee and the bounty hunters that scavenge the world for it. Really love the gritty Wacky Races vibe it has and the gang rivalry aspect that builds the world in a great way.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #69 hit the shelves and it is consistently a great book to read. It is exciting right now with this spec ops military organization having the Mutanimals in their possession and doing mutagen testing/mind control using their DNA. Will the Turtles save them?!


My order for a Devils Due/Devils First that I was missing came in today as well with Galaxys For Hire #2 & #3. First issue was fun and I’m excited to read these issues!



I just got my hands on a vinyl record exclusively pressed for Record Store Day with a couple tracks that go with the Young Animal imprints new series ‘Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye’.

Along with a beautifully designed vinyl record comes a great small mashup poster and a comic book with an exclusive never before seen 6-page story done by Gerard Way & Mike Allred/Laura Allred, as well as samples from the first pages of this new publishing imprints four books. It is a great piece to add to my growing Young Animal collection as I am really loving what this company is doing in the comics industry.


Discover some wild stuff at your local comic shop #LCS today, or this Saturday May 6th for Free Comic Book Day! Great way to discover comic books is with #FCBD.


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