#FreeComicBookDay 2017 – Year One

May 6th, 2017 marks the first Free Comic Book Day #FCBD for this blog but also marks the first big event that I have worked at my local comic book shop. Free Comic Book Day for those who do not know, is a day every year where your local comic book shops will typically distribute free books to visitors. It’s a great way for you to get to know your #LCS local comic shop and discover something new or at the very least enjoy a fun day, especially for the kids! Today was a special day in particular for me as I got to work arguably the busiest day of the year for any comic book shop, while being newly brought only a month ago into “the family” per say, at my #LCS… Paper Heroes in Windsor, ON, Canada.


This year at Paper Heroes we had the “Fight Like Mason” Foundation at the shop keeping spirits up with great cosplay featuring Canada’s first costume replica of Captain America‘s movie set costume & every kids favourite, Spidey! Batman showed up to scare off any bad guys for the kids. Dave Rocha had a table set up to promote his writing, and local yet international artist Johnny Desjardins working on Dynamite‘s current ‘Sovereigns‘ stopped by for a quick minute to get away from drawing stellar pages to feel the vibes. The turnout was huge & everyone was pleasant, no screaming whining or bad energy at all.


This year features one special piece that represents my new recruitment with the comic shop… and lets not kid ourselves, this piece would look badass on our shelves… the DC Bombshells ‘Katana statue!!!



This years comic book pulls include:

Valiant’s X-O Manowar FCBD book which adds a little story to the main X-O Manowar book that just started up. Not being a typical X-O Manowar reader, this new book is phenomenal as a book and I will eat any new and exclusive content this series puts out.
This was my most anticipated book of FCBD 2017.

Marvel’s Secret Empire FCBD book which again adds a little story to the main Secret Empire event in which Captain America is leader of Hydra and is taking over the world! I didn’t expect myself to be excited for Secret Empire but I clearly am.

IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FCBD book is a prelude issue to the ongoing series’ next story arc in which the turtles must venture to Dimension X. This book is written by co-creator Kevin Eastman & is a completely separate story to the ongoing publications so this is a must grab for readers. I read all the TMNT ongoing books and the book is consistently stellar, there is never a bad time to jump on board with this series.




I Hate Image is Image’s crossover FCBD book done by Scottie Young where he mashes up  his series ‘I Hate Fairyland’ with the Image Universe of characters. I am a huge fan of Scottie Young and I have a collection of 50+ creator owned books & variant covers of his that he has done for Image/Marvel in the past. His cartoon style has a sort of graffiti feel to it & his designs are always clever so for any Scottie Young fan this book is a must have for the collection.
This had the best cover of FCBD 2017.

Humanoids comics released The Incal, which is a re-release of a hit graphic novel. While I’m not a fan of when a Free Comic Book Day release that is not a new or unique release, this book caught my eye in a big way with the intense visuals inside which I am excited to read this for my first time and discover something new. Discovering something new is the reason Free Comic Book Day exists, and while back at my first FCBD in 2008 was the beginning of my comic book discovery, and the gateway to my superhero knowledge, and my addiction to Wizkid’s Heroclix game (it’s soooo fuuuun!!!!)….. it was a discovery of something I am very into today. Check out any comics at your local comic shop, friends!

Boom’s Fresh Off The Boat presents Legion of Dope-itude ft. Lazy Boy is a book by writer Gene Luen Yang about super hero adventures that would be had by the children of the family from the NBC show Fresh Off The Boat. While I am not a fan of the show, I figure this is a good book to try something new and if it’s a good enough book I may pass it on to other people to read to discover something new.



All in all, this was a great FCBD! Visit your #LCS Local Comic Shop next year for Free Comic Book Day 2018!



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