#NewComicBookDay Week 19 – May 10th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for this week was massive but featured one special book that stood out from the bunch; a brand new series out of Young Animal comics, Bug! The Adventures of Forager #1. I am excited to flick through this book as it has all the potential to be my new favourite Young Animal titles.

This weeks pulls include:

Marvel’s Star Wars introduces a new crossover series with Jedi Luke Skywalker & Doctor Aphra the archaeologist/thief in this new book, Star Wars: Scream Citadel #1. Star Wars has been a great new universe for Marvel to explore and this crossover of their latest and greatest character Doctor Aphra with the most iconic character Luke Skywalker is sure to be an interesting book. I am excited to see how this book is and where this book goes.

DC’s All-Star Batman #10 dropped this week by Scott Snyder & Raphael Albuquerque in this new story arc in which we are told this story from the narration of Alfred Pennyworth and introduces a new original Bat-villain. This is an interesting issue with a lot to draw on in way of reflecting on Bruce’s life as to Alfred’s mysterious younger life. I am on board for this next story arc despite my reservations in regards to this book on my pull list.

Detective Comics #956 released which is a huge end for the latest League of Shadows story arc. This story had high stakes and this last issue really tests the mettle of Cassandra Cain, the potentially most lethal member of the Bat-family. I loved the extent to which the villain Lady Shiva went with the appearance of Ra’s Al Ghul & the escape of Kate Kane’s father from Batman’s prison cells. This series is great and will surely go to some amazing places before it reaches issue #1000!



DC/IDW released the final 6th issue to their hella fun Batman/TMNT Adventures series. I am sad to see this crossover finish and hope that Batman and TMNT crossover again in the not so distant future in some way again. Thank you DC & IDW for making this happen!


Young Animal dropped issue #1 for their latest mini-series, Bug! The Adventures of Forager. This book is written by Lee Allred, drawn by Mike Allred (some of the most iconic comic book cartoon art in the industry) & coloured by Laura Allred which keep this book a really tight project by a comic book team worthy of taking on this tale. This book takes this new character ‘Forager‘ & sets him off on an adventure through the DC multiverse where he encounters New Gods and other various beings. Pulling this book without a doubt.

Image released Life A.D. #3 finishing up Scott Snyder & Jeff Lemire’s creator owned project. This is a beautiful book with a compelling story and has been an insightful story into the wonder of what life would be like if all life didn’t have to end.


Renato Jones: Freelancer Season 2 #1 released which begins the second volume of Renato Jones after The One% story. This book is beautifully drawn by one of my favourite comic book artists Kaare Andrews, and he also writes the book as well as develops this book into a solid piece of beautiful comic for the modern ages. He’s kind of like Batman, meets James Bond, but for social justice vigilantism. I couldn’t help but pick up the “Spawn Variant” cover for this book as it is done by Kaare Andrews and is the most badass looking wraparound covers for Spawn’s cape & chains.


Green Valley #8 released as we are nearing the end of this book. It has been a wild ride with a lot of personal attention of developing these characters and having them go beyond their capabilities to overcome their fears and that is a big reason this book will be a great one to read again over and over. It is a timeless tale in more than just way of having a ruthless time traveling villain in this book, it is timeless in the way that fables should be told in a fruitful way of developing a character properly to be able to win the big fight. Still excited to see how this book ends in issue nine!

Rock Candy Mountain #2 released continuing the odd yet accurate tale of hobos and hobo living on the rails and searching for that sweet mythical vagrant paradise known only as “Rock Candy Mountain”. I want to know more about this world and I want to see where this book is headed (especially when it comes to that random devil-looking guy), so I will definitely be pulling this book for the next foreseeable months.

Valiant Comics released a standalone issue for the Eternal Warrior character titled, Eternal Warrior: Awakening #1 which should be an interesting read considering the last story arc was a fairly good one. I am not much of an Eternal Warrior fan but after the book “The Valiant” I am always wanting to see more out of this character and the Geomancer in this universe.

This was a massive week for comic books and if you visit your local comic book shop or #LCS, you might discover something that piques your interest! Visit today! (I know I will be, my store just got new Heroclix boosters for Marvel!)


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