#NewComicBookDay Week 20 – May 17th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for May 17th, 2017 was full of fresh new books from the printing farm, featuring Deadpool’s first “OGN or “Original Graphic Novel” called ‘Deadpool: Bad Blood‘. It is drawn and inked by original Deadpool artist Rob Liefeld, and written by Chad Bowers & Chris Sims (writers of X-Men ’92) as well as Rob Liefeld. I love the character Deadpool but with how Marvel is treating the ongoing comic book series & the many other Deadpool monthly books at the moment, I have been turned off of the character and am very selective with what I read of Deadpool. This book is the perfect package for a read like me and with the creative team being properly stacked this book should deliver!



This weeks pulls include:


Marvel’s latest “Original Graphic Novel” for the merc’ with a mouth titled, Deadpool: Bad Blood. This book bring back original Deadpool artist/creator Rob Liefeld for a crazy romp in one complete book. Rob Liefeld has mentioned in an interview about his book where he mentions that he wanted to write a story that you wouldn’t have to wait month after month to get parts of the story as it would almost disjoint the story he wanted to tell.


Writers of X-Men ’92 & lovers of all things X-Men, X-Force & Deadpool, Chris Sims & Chad Bowers, are the main writers on this book bringing back all our favourite X-Force members and invents a brand new villain that is specifically Deadpools personal rogue in his gallery (ex. Doctor Bong is possibly Deadpool’s only villain specific to him).


This book seems to be the most Deadpool-y of them all, plus it’s called ‘Bad Blood’ & Taylor Swift once wore a Deadpool costume… how isn’t this book quadruple meta from the get-go?! Pick this book up in hardcover format while supplies last as this book will surely sell out.


Secret Empire #2 releases today which promises to reveal another major plot point or twist by writer Nick Spencer. I am loving this event as it is heavily focused on villains winning the war and I love seeing heroes rise up from the mud. I am hooked on this book!


DC’s Flash #22 which completes the crossover event “The Button” between the ongoing Batman and Flash series where they travel the cosmic treadmill to the Flashpoint universe in hopes to investigate the biggest mystery of the DC Rebirth universe, the mysterious smiley button with a smudge of The Comedian’s blood from The Watchmen universe. This is huge issue with a beautiful 3D/lenticular variant cover by Jason Fabok and I am excited to discover the conclusion to this crossover event.


Batman #23 drops today which begins a new story where Batman and, my personal favourite, Swamp Thing meet up to tackle a weedy situation in “The Brave & The Mold” part one. This story should be a great primer leading up to the Joker/Riddler War coming up in future issues of Batman by Tom King.

Green Lanterns #23 released which continues Jessica Cruz‘ introduction to Mogo, the home base of the Green Lantern Corps, and the cosmic amalgam of alien corps members with this new experience for Jessica. I am loving this book as it is full of fun times, opposed to Hal Jordan & The GLC in fact where I find that book is not giving me what I want in a Green Lantern story.

Justice League #21 dropped today which should be an epic conclusion to the “Endless” story arc. I am always just going along for the ride with this book, and while it is not my favourite book on the stands I want to believe it will all lead to something massive in the end and make all my hours spent reading this series worthwhile.



Image’s Spread #21 came out which continues to be my favourite horror/adventure book out of Image (more than Walking Dead) and as this book is finally giving the readers a lot of what we have been wanting for many issues now, I am loving each book that comes out and the history we are now getting about this world and the situation at hand.

Curse Words #5 by Charles Soule & Ryan Browne releases today which continues to be my favourite fantasy/magic book on the stands as we get a humour-filled, wizard-out-of-water story. This issue we have Wizord refilled with magic and must prepare for his upcoming bout with badass witch Ruby Stitch, his lover from the dark magic realm. I have been loving this series and will continue to read into the next story arc as this issue marks the end of the series’ first story. Props to Jamie McKelvie on the beautiful variant cover for this issue!


Valiant Comics dropped the final issue of my top favourite Valiant ongoing books with Ninjak #27 with art by Cafu and writer Kevin Maurer on the issue. This book is the final wrap-up issue to the entire series, and Matt Kindt has explored the character in a deep thoughtful way that will go down as one of the best books for the character Ninjak. I hope we see more Shadow Seven in future ongoing Ninjak books and I hope that whoever takes over the next series does it justice. The next series has been announced and will be titled Ninja-K, possibly exploring Colin King & MI-6’s past with the secret ninja project that have built.

Britannia: We Who Are About To Die #2 released today which proves to be a hit as the reviews for this issue have been stellar. I loved the first story for Britannia, and I am excited to see where this new series leads. As a Valiant Universe fan, I am curious to see how the company & writer Peter Milligan integrates the main character Antonio Axia into the broader universe.



Dynamite releases the #1 issue of their current major event titled Sovereigns, which deals with Golden Key characters (ex. Turok, Solar, Magnus) and a threat to this post-apocalyptic world in which all characters prosper. Art & character designs by Johnny Desjardins in this book are phenomenal and the writing is really well done for these legacy characters. If this first issue is a hit I might add it to my monthly pull list.


AfterShock dropped Animosty #7 which has been a fantastic book that never upsets. I am excited to see how things play out considering the ending of the last issue was a pretty big moment with where things are headed. I realize that I am falling in love with these animals who are full fledged characters with heaps of personality and it is devastating when something happens to them. Animosity keeps being great and it is definitely a fresh book you should check out.


Visit your local comic book shop #LCS to discover some great new book, fresh from the printing farm delivered for your loving consumption!


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