#NewComicBookDay Week 21 – May 24th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for May 24th, 2017’s rad releases feature Mother Panic #7, beginning a new story arc and introducing an all new villain named Gotham City Coroner. I have a love hate relationship with this book as it has some elements that I love about the book while there are also elements that turn me off of the book. This new villain has such a weird look to him that I want to see more and that’s the thing about this book is that it is essentially a look at the weirder side of Gotham, the secretive side much that operates outside of common knowledge for Batman, these are the stories we get from the shadows of Gotham. Mother Panic is a great character herself, and is a big reason I keep picking up this book.




This weeks releases include:

DC’s Detective Comics #957 which continues after the last storyline, “League of Assassins“. I am excited for the book to shine the spotlight back on Spoiler with this new issue as I am a fan of Spoiler and want to see what DC can do with her in the future. Her legacy thus far with Batman Eternal is huge and we need to see how she will develop in the future.

Kamandi Challenge #5 released which is the latest installation of DC’s tribute series to Jack Kirby. This issue is written by Bill Willingham (known for his work on Fables by Vertigo) and the art is done by Ivan Reis (all-star DC artist known for his work on Justice League New 52 and The Multiversity) & Oclair Albert. This book is always exciting as each book goes deeper and deeper into the world of the “last boy on earth“.


Young Animal dropped Mother Panic #7 which begins a new story arc as we are introduced to a new villain, the Gotham City Coroner. While I had just recently dropped this book, this new villain in the most recent book looks too cool to not pick up this issue so I had ended up picking this book up this week. If I enjoy what this book does now, I might have to keep reading or keep it off my pull list.




Image’s East of West #33 which continues this stellar proto-western series. Each issue progresses the story and gives the reader insight on another part of the world as each issue will often shift focus to someone or something we havn’t gotten to in a while. This issue delivers more of what us readers want while progressing the story in quality fashion.Johnathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta have made something special with East of West, something that I hope never ends.

Seven To Eternity #6 releases which continues this odd western/fantasy story that oddly reminds me a little bit of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Rick Remender & Jerome Opena are doing amazing work with this creator owned project. While I was edging dropping this book from my pull list, I have faith in Rick Remender and I have trust in this book to get much better with each coming issue.

Corey Lewis’ publish comic book/manga anthology book, Sunbakery, releases issue #3 today which continues some rad stories started in prior issues while delving into new small stories as well. This is a great collection that is really attractive in presentation, and you can sort of understand how Lewis’ mind works a little bit when you are reading these stories as the art & story flow in a certain way that he enjoys telling stories, and his dialogue is fun while not being over-encumbering in the least. Great book if you are an anime/manga fan looking to get into reading comics.


IDW dropped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #10 today which finishes the story started in issue #9, and hints towards future issues of the ongoing series. You can read my full length and spoiler-free review at Outright Geekery where I write reviews (www.outrightgeekery.com/2017/05/25/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-universe-10-review/). I love this book but it has been better before. Pick up this series today!


Dark Horse released my new favourite book, Shaolin Cowboy: Who Will Stop The Reign #2 by Geoff Darrows. I have enjoyed this series before in the past, but I always had problems with the books such as the last series not having any dialogue in the book had really turned me off of it. This book has fun dialogue that is sort of a commentary on American idiocracy, and the art compliments that tone of dialogue with having the USA in a sort of corporate wasteland of a place full of garbage and foul people. This book is way more wacky than it is serious however with half-naked kung-fu nuns and nazi crab-people. The art is superb and this book is a fun ride.

Black Hammer #9 came out today as well and is yet another book that I review over at Outright Geekery (www.outrightgeekery.com/2017/05/16/black-hammer-9-2/). This issue is thee most different issue than we have ever had on this book as the art is completely done by a guest artist, David Rubin, for the first time. This issue also pushes the boundaries of this book and gives us plenty of reveals. Discover why this issue is the most different and most important in the series by reading my review!


Valiant Entertainment’s X-O Manowar #3 releases today which continues this badass book. The art be Tomas Giorello is fantastic and keep up with the detailed yet gritty badass tone. Highly realized character design and development in this book is huge and the artist does great work with it. Matt Kindt is writing this book as good as any of his other books out of Valiant, if not better than the rest and this book deserves to be checked out by new readers or readers looking for something new.

Visit your local comic shops #LCS today and discover the right book for you!


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