#NewComicBookDay Week 22 – May 31st, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for May 31st is a pretty light week considering this being the 5th week in this years month of May. This weeks featured release is a self-titled book of one of my favourite characters by Marvel, Cable. Cable #1 releases today as part of Marvels “ResurreXtion” of their X-Men characters and teams, and it this book is by far my most anticipated of the bunch as I am hoping they fix the continuity in recent years that has nearly severed Cable as that classic character we fans love.
This weeks pulls include:

Marvel’s Cable #1 is a brand new series to give us a fresh story on one of the most important characters to the Marvel Universe, Cable. I am excited to see how this series is, as I was not a fan of more recent Cable stories. I had to pick up the Corner Box variant for this book as well as the regular cover. It looked too beautiful not to pull.


Secret Empire #3 comes out which drops yet another huge twist for this event, all while continuing the wild story that Nick Spencer has weaved in the Marvel Universe. Hydra Cap is a wicked Cap!


Man-Thing #4 continuing R.L. Stines first book published under Marvel Comics. It will be delving into interesting and visually entertaining territory as Man-Thing travels into a mystical dimension.


Thanos #7 dropped which begins the next story arc for Jeff Lemire’s new Thanos book. We were left at an amazing turning point in issue #6 with Thane being killed and inheriting the Pheonix Force.


Moon Knight #14 releases as the series’ final issue. Jeff Lemire wrote a Moon Knight story with a totally different perspective than ever before. His writing is critical, with realistic takes on this schizophrenic character and getting to the root of what may have caused Marc Spector’s mental health problems. This is officially my favourite Moon Knight book from the past decade, and with all the amazing talent throughout the series, this is certainly a book all Moon Knight fans should pick up.



Image released Black Science #30 which ends the latest story arc that brought all the story threads throughout the entire series together. This issue is massive with lots of important twists, and as the book goes on hiatus for a while, we are left wanting to see what actually happens next as everything came to a climax with no real end. I love this Rick Remender book as I do with many of his books, and I will always encourage readers to try this book out as it is something special on those weekly comic book racks. Check out my review of issue #30 @ Outright Geekery!


This week wasn’t a big week of comic book releases, however it was heavy with Marvel books (as I am not a big Marvel fan, this is the most Marvel I have bought on release day in a couple years) and some amazing creator owned books. Discover them today at your local comic shop #LCS today!


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