#NewComicBookDay Week 23 – June 7th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of June 7th, 2017 released a lot of great books, featuring Dark Knight III: The Master Race #9 which completes Frank Millers recent sequel to his Dark Knight series at DC. This series has faced lengthy delays and the story has sort of been all over the place, however despite these problems the book looks beautiful and reads well for any Batman or Dark Knight fans.


This weeks pulls include:

DC’s Batman #24 came out which has broken headlines of many mainstream news stations, as this is apparently a momentous occasion in the new Batman series. This book has been fantastic and I love when the book takes a break from intense action packed stories to these sidestories much like the Rooftops story arc and The Brave And The Mold issue.



Green Lanterns #24 released in which Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz continue their training with key members of the Green Lantern Corps. while Volthoom secretly infiltrates Oa under the guise of an old exiled Guardian. This book has a lot of great Green Lantern content and makes for fun reading, while properly building on their new Green Lantern characters.


Justice League #22 dropped which begins a new story. This series has been all over the place, yet I am obsessed with it as each story arc makes me wonder if it all means something, and is leading up to some huge event coming up in the future encompassing all the random (while some being disappointing) story arcs prior. Bryan Hitch seems to be building on his anti-climactic story during DC You with Justice League of America, while catering to the new Rebirth universe with big stories that often branch out into other DC Rebirth series. Fingers crossed that this story brings everything together.


Dark Knight III: The Master Race #9 has finally released! This issue released with multiple covers by Frank Miller and Andy Kubert, and they are absolutely beautiful side-by-side. I have mixed feelings about this book, however I found it to be an overall good time and great addition to the previous Dark Knight books. The original first Dark Knight Returns was absolutely stellar and will go down in history is one of the greatest Batman stories of all-time. Dark Knight Strikes Again (or DK2) was completely psychedelic with it’s art & colours, while the story was all over the place and poorly written making the book hard to follow. I am happy we got this beautiful installation to the series however, I am not a fan of how this series ended for Bruce Wayne and am debating why I would purchase DK IV… This series was cool and I hope the next book does something more important than this book did.


Image/Skybound’s Outcast #28 released and while I am truthfully not caught up with the book, the cover seems to indicate that some crazy shit is about to go down for the pastor. I love this series now, after years of having a love/hate relationship with this book. Can’t wait to get to this book!

Rock Candy Mountain #3 came out which is again another book I am not caught up with, however the first issue was special enough that I am sure I will enjoy this issue. The series is only planned as a four-issue book so being three issues deep I will go all the way. Check this out if you like hobos and train-riding goodness.


Devil’s Due/First dropped Galaxys For Hire #4 by Sherard Jackson and Shawn Depasquale which has been a really fun book about an all female crew of space scoundrels who have badass adventures. I don’t know why but this book is loads of fun and is totally under the radar as far as comic books go.

This week was great and you should discover some great new books at your local comic book shops!!! #LCS4LYFE


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