#NewComicBookDay Week 24 – June 14th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of June 14th, 2017 features a wide array of book ending and new books beginning. This week in particular I saw a book I had to pick up called Jimmy’s Bastards #1 from AfterShock comics. Garth Ennis writes some of the coolest books as his mind works in mysterious/badass ways. This book being an original series under AfterShock comics will also allow the creator more freedoms than most other comic book publishers, so this is an exciting book to anticipate.



This weeks pulls include:

DC’s The Forge #1 is a new prelude book written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, with various art by Jim Lee, John Romita Jr., Andy Kubert and other artists. This book has some of the most well written narratives, and the story seems to be all-encapsulating with the DC universe and multiverse. The art is great and I even enjoyed John Romita Jr.’s work in this book as opposed to other DC books he has drawn. The story will be going in some crazy directions and I can’t wait to see where this book goes. The book is also published with a beautiful foil cover making the book that much more special in quality.

Detective Comics #958 released which begins a new story revolving around Azrael and involves the Azrael prodigys to be obsolete with a sentient AI suit of the order he is a part of, has now come alive and is hunting down members of the Azrael order. This issue finally brings Azrael into the fold in an interesting way, as we get some great moments with Batwing, and get a surprise appearance at the end!

Martian Manhunter/Marvin The Martian Special #1 dropped alongside Bugs Bunny & The Legion of Super-Heroes which begins the new crossover special issues with Loony Tunes. This issue features Martian Manhunter crossing over with Marvin The Martian in an unexpectedly fun and laser-gun filled book.


Young Animal released Bug! The Adventures of Forager #2 this week which continues Mike Allred’s fantastic new book that exists on the fringes of the DC multiverse as Bug is a New God and he must discover why he has been revived from his sleep/death/cocoon. This book is visually stunning and the story is great for any fans of the New Gods or Jack Kirby.


Marvel put out Secret Empire #4 continuing the ever-surprising new event that places Captain America at the helm of Hydra as the leader of the newly taken over Earth. This book has been a fun read and every issue has huge reveals making each read quite redeeming and full of quality content. Nick Spencer is writing a great epic that began in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.

Thanos #5 dropped which continues Jeff Lemire’s epic story of the fall and rise of Thanos, and possibly the rise and fall of Thane. Thane is all-powerful right now and it will be a massive surprise to see how this book ends, and see how this new band of cosmic badasses will de-throne Thane.


Image/Skybound’s Green Valley #9 ends Max Landis’ great medieval/cyber-future story of 4 noble knights who must face against a time-travelling punk. This is a fun book and I for one am sad to see this book end. This book is yet another fantastic addition to Landis’ comic book repertoire.


IDW released Helena Crash #4 which ends this new story about post-apocalyptic coffee runners and luchadore gangs. This book is a great read and it’s sad to see it end at only four issues, however the book has a lot of potential and its highly likely that this book will be coming back again for a sequel book.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #70 dropped which continues the Turtles’ fight with Hob against the secret agency looking to turn Mutanimals into weapons. This ongoing series is consistently a fun read with lots for TMNT fans to read at any point in time.


Sovereigns #2 under Dynamite released which is proving to be a massively fun post-apocalyptic tale featuring four classic Golden Key characters who find themselves at the end of the world’s age facing off against a foe that is messing with all of their powers. This anomaly is being investigated and is sure to prove to be a fun event book. Johnny Desjardins art and character designs in this book are visually stunning and is top-quality comic book art in a highly under-rated new book.


AfterShock comics dropped Jimmy’s Bastards #1 by Garth Ennis & Russ Braun. This book seems to be an irreverent and highly violent take on espionage as we follow Jimmy who is a super-spy, surrounded by beautiful women, secret gadgets and gizmos, and a devious looking rogues gallery of red cultists looking to take down Jimmy. This book will surely go to some great places all while being a highly enjoyable read that goes against the grain. Pick up this book while supplies last!

Visit your local comic shop #LCS today and discover some great books while they start a-new, and pick up the collected editions of the books that have newly ended as well!


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