#NewComicBookDay Week 25 – Jun 21st, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of June 21st featured a huge bunch of books ranging from Rebirth books hitting their first 25 issues and the launch of some new books. Weapons of Mutant Destruction #1 released by Marvel is a new series about a monster created by mixing Hulk DNA and Wolverine DNA and Old Man Logan at the helm of this problem. I love the idea behind this book and I am excited to give this a read.


This weeks pulls include:

Marvel’s Weapons of Mutant Destruction #1 releases this week and promises to be a wild full of Wolverine and Hulk goodness. Definitely an exciting new read out of the fringes of the main Marvel universe continuity. 


Darth Maul #4 dropped which continues where we left off with Maul crash landed on a planet with this jedi padawan in his grasp. Will the mercenaries help him escape the clutches of the people Darth Maul has stolen from?!


Man-Thing #5 ends R.L. Stine’s first creepy Marvel book and what has been a wild ride with plenty of spooky mini stories. I am very pleased with this book and would love to see R.L. Stine do more work in comics.


DC released All-Star Batman #11 which continues the story of Alfred and the MI-5 organization of the Black Knights. This issue features an undercover Batman infiltrating a submarine and dealing with a dire situation against a strong new villain.


Issue #25 for both Batman and Green Lanterns since the Rebirth launch. Batman begins the war between Joker & The Riddler in the new story arc, “War of Jokes and Riddles”. Green Lanterns ends the story arc where Jessica and Baz train on Green Lantern Corps. homeworld and sentient planet Mogo, which has been expanding the Green Lantern lore in a big way.


Justice League #23 begins a new story. I have been upset at this series for its seemingly lack of direction, however I am always interested at how this series expands the Rebirth universe.


DC and Looney Tunes released the Lobo/Road Runner Special #1 which puts Lobo together with Wiley Coyote to hunt down the Road Runer. I love Looney Tunes and this crossover seems like one of the more interesting specials being released.


Dark Horse dropped Shaolin Cowboy: Who Will Stop The Reign #3, which continues Geoff Darrows new hilarious series. This book proves that the Shaolin Cowboy can be a beautiful and fun book. 


Black Hammer #10 released which continues his great book which proves more and more to be a love letter to comic books through history. This issue shows Abraham Slam donning some 90’s throwback costume fighting a giant mud monster, and Jeff Lemire’s variant cover is a great call-back to Rob Liefeld’s character work in the 90s.


IDW released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #11 beginning a new story following some of the Mutanimals. This book looks beautiful as a new artist and writer begin this new story. 


Valiant dropped Britannia: We Who Are About To Die #3, a fantastic new series following Antonius Axia who is a legionairre under Roman rule. He is a clever detective and deals with paranormal events in this wild historical fiction book. 


Discover some new stories at your local comic book shop #LCS today!


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