#NewComicBookDay Week 26 – Jun 28th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of June 28th, 2017 was full of wild pulls, featuring Secret Weapons #1!!! Valiant Entertainment & Comics released their brand new series which is written by clitically acclaimed writer of hit movie ‘Arrival’, Eric Heisserer, and with art by Raul Allen about Rogue activated super humans being brought together by Harbinger member Livewire. This is character Livewire’s first series where she is in the spotlight and this book is said to have a classic Uncanny X-Men feel to it. Secret Weapons will surely be a hit, pick this book up before it sells out!




This weeks pull include:


Marvel’s Edge of Venom-Verse #1 which is the kick-off event similar to Edge of Spider-Verse before we get a full on Venom-Verse series. I was a fan of Spider-Verse so this book should essentially be a fun rehash event with a more rad character.  I loved the 1:50 variant cover by Mattina (who is quickly becoming my favourite Venom artist next to Clayton Crain) and so I had to pick it up!



Cable #2 which continues from the fun time travel adventure we left off from in issue #1. Still would like to see how this book makes its footing in the Marvel universe before I commit to the final series.



Secret Empire #5 dropped and continues Nick Spencer’s stellar event where the morals of the Captain America we know and love have gone out the window! This event is loads of fun and I am excited to read this issue.


DC’s Kamandi Challenge #6 released today marking the halfway point of this great Jack Kirby tribute book. After last issue, I have no idea how they will come back from it but I am excited to see how! This book has a fantastic gimmick and is a great adventure story spinning out of the Kamandi multiverse.



Detective Comics #959 dropped which continues the new Azrael story. It should be an interesting read as I trust James Tynion IV with what he writes for the Bat-family.



Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps. #23 releases which begins the new story arc Fracture which will surely present a fracture within the merging of the Sinestro Corps. and the Green Lantern Corps., a spectacle soon to be seen!




IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #71 releases which delves into a new story from which TMNT Universe #10 had kicked off prior. I love the Toad Baron and all the villains associated with Rat King, and this book features a meeting of them all in the same whimsical place as we have seen before. This ongoing series is spectacular and something all TMNT fans should be reading.




Image dropped Renato Jones: Freelancer #2 by Kaare Andrews and while I have not yet read the first issue, I am a big fan of Andrews’ work with Marvel and his first volume of Renato Jones with Image. This book should be a great installation to this badass new series.




Valiant released Rai: The History Of The Valiant Universe #1 which seems to be some sort of one-shot introduction for new readers to the Valiant Universe. While I am not so sure new readers will pick this book up, I do applaud Valiant for featuring my favourite character Rai with cover art by Clayton Crain.



Secret Weapons #1 by Eric Heisserer, and with art by Raul Allen is surely going to be a smash hit new series. This book is apparently littered with secret coding as there is a chance your Cover A copy of this book may be the special one with an Easter Egg printed inside or on the cover. I love Heisserer’s writing when it comes to screenplays and Raul Allen has a fun art style similar to Wes Craig that I can’t get enough of. This should be the book that new Valiant readers should check out as it will surely hook you!



X-O Manowar #4 begins a new story arc titled ‘General’ (moving forward from ‘Soldier’). This book is perfect and more people should be reading this. It is playing out to be an epic story with no need for prior knowledge of the series.



Discover these and other great new comic books today at your local comic book shop #LCS!


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