#NewComicBookDay Week 27 – Jul 5th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of July 5th, 2017 was a light week for new releases, however the books that came out are full of top quality content. Featured this week is Unholy Grail #1 out of AfterShock Comics. This book seems to write a darker tale about the knights of the round table & King Arthur. I for one love trying out new books and this looks like a great new book.

This weeks releases include: 

DC’s Batman #26, continuing the dark new story about a war between The Joker and The Riddler. This issue is where sides are chosen and I am hooked on this new arc.


Green Lanterns #26 released which features the hostory of Volthoom and the travel lantern. This book was a hit for me as I love that it features dialogue about the multiverse while expanding both the Green Lantern lore & revealing lore about the destroyed Earth-15 specifically. 


Justice League #24 dropped which ties in the Aquaman ongoing story where the Justice League must stop Mera from over using her power and destroying the mainland of Earth, all while inviting her to be part of the League. This series should be exciting as it hits its issue #25 in two weeks.


Image Comics’ Rock Candy Mountain #4 came out this week finishing this series’ first book. This has been a fun and wild ride that was enjoyable yet I am cutting back with my pulls and this one doesn’t quite make the cut.


Seven To Eternity #7 dropped which is a fantastic book written by Rick Remender that really is a home run each issue as we follow this story of whymsical retribution. I am loving this book and cant wait to see where it goes.


Extremity #5 is another smash hit book that is fairly new as we follow a future world plagued by war, and the effects it has on families that are stuck fighting these wars. The book has amazing elements suh as the technology of the world & the world building this book can pull off is expertly executed. Check this book out!


Sun Bakery #4 dropped which finishes book one of this cool manga/comics hybrid anthology series. I really love what this creator does and I hope he develops an ongoing manga series rather than an anthology book.


Valiant dropped the new Bloodshot one-shot book, Bloodshot’s Day Off #1 which seems to be a short primer issue for new readers to jump on with who have an interest in Bloodshot. I am a big Valiant Comics fan and I definitely can’t wait to see what this book delivers to hardcore Bloodshot fans.


Rapture #2 released which is the second installation of the latest eventfeaturing Ninjak & Shadowman. I have yet to read the first issue but I am sure I will love it.


AfterShock Comics’ new series Unholy Grail #1 came out this week and it seems to be a smash hit original take on the classic King Arthur story about the holy grail, or rathrr the unholy grail. Pick this up before it sells out!


This week was a decent week for books and you should visit your #LCS local comic book shop and discover a great book to escape into.


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