#NewComicBookDay Week 28 – Jul 12th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of July 12th, 2017 was full of great books featuring the ongoing series Animosity #8 and Animosity: The Rise #2. It is odd to have one property be released twice in one week however AfterShock did just that. Fans of this book will get a double helping of Animosity, and if you are like me you will eat anything out of the Animosity trough. Great series and excited to read these issues!

This weeks pulls include:

DC’s The Casting #1 which is a primer issue continuing from The Forge book, and leading to The Metal. The first issue blew me away as it encompasses all the greatest parts of the DC Universe in one badass book full of star power working on it. This book should be a definitive pick up for any DC comics fans.


Detective Comics #960 releases to continue the new hit story “Intelligence” about Azrael and a sentient AI robot/armor from The Order of St.Dumas. I am stoked on this series and enjoy the world building this book does for the Bat-family.

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps. #24 released which picks up from the point where Tomar-Tu murdered a Yellow Lantern and the fallout that has in the new story “Fracture”.



Young Animal drops Bug! The Adventures of Forager #3 which is a delightful issue full of great Allred art and a great mixture of humour and mind expanding concepts, celebrating cerebral storytelling and art together with the legacy of the DC Universe and New Gods lore.



Marvel released Edge of Venom-Verse #2 which stars Gwenpool is she had possession of the Venom symbiote, leading up the the Venom-Verse event by Marvel, which is a re-hash of the hit Spider-Verse event from a couple years ago. I am totally on board with this series and will surely continue reading and enjoying these books.


Dynamite Entertainment dropped The Sovereigns #3 continuing this great event featuring futurized Gold Key classic characters. Johnny Desjardins on art is phenomenal and I hope he works on more big books and events after this as he has surely earned it.


AfterShock comics released two books of the same property of different series with Animosity ongoing #8 and Animosity: The Rise #2. This book is fun, funny, while totally serious and darkly haunting of a world where animals gain full consciousness/sentience. Issue #8 will continue the story we follow, while The Rise #2 will expand the world and expose more deeply exactly how animals rose up all around the world. This series is phenomenal and I recommend this book to all comic book readers.


Visit your #LCS local comic shop today to discover these books and more!


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