#NewComicBookDay Week 29 – Jul 19th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of July 19th, 2017 was a huge week for new releases, and out of all of them this week’s featured book is Curse Words #6 as this book is on another level and the world is expanding more and more as the world that the baseball stadium exists in is getting bleaker. This book by Charles Soule is written so comedically serious while the art by Ryan Browne is also a sort of serious yet exaggerated. Really great book and I am excited for this new issue.

This weeks pulls include:


DC’s Batman #27 continuing “The War of Jokes and Riddles” which is proving to be an interesting story.

Green Lanterns #27 dropped as much as Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are dropped into a mysterious world in the past. We are getting so much solid Green Lantern lore from this book and I am loving this series.


Justice League #25 releases with their extra sized issue beginning their new story arc titled “Reborn” with Mera as a new member of the Justice League.
Marvel dropped the next exciting issue of their big Secret Empire event with issue #6. This book by Nick Spencer is exciting and full of huge reveals. It is a book I can’t stop reading!

Darth Maul #5 dropped wrapping up the five-issue story about his side adventures we never saw. This was a really good series however I want to see more Darth Maul in the modern ongoing Star Wars.

Image released Curse Words #6 which is a book I am a big fan of right now. It is dark magical wizard fun with lots of great humour to it and a down to earth feel about it. Lots of fun to be had from Charles Soule and Ryan Browne.

Dark Horse dropped Shaolin Cowboy: Who Will Stop The Reign? #4 which has been my favourite art work from Geoff Darrows and is possibly the best Shaolin Cowboy series to be released. This is a wacky wild roller coaster of action and epic moments.

Valiant released a whole bunch of books including Secret Weapons #2, the new enigmatic book by screenplay writer Eric Heisserer and art by Raul Allen. This book is a fun story that feels like an adventurous X-Men book while having lots of hidden secrets scattered about. I can’t get enough of this new book!

Rapture #3 released which is the big Ninjak/Shadowman event of the summer which features the Geomancer as well as Jack Boniface and Colin King. I am a big fan of these event books that give us insight into the Valiant Universe, and this will surely be an important event.

Britannia: We Who Are About To Die #4 releases which wraps up the hit Britannia sequel book. I live what this series does mixing mythological lore, historically accurate facts, and interesting character/world building. Peter Milligan hits a home run with this new Valiant series in my opinion, while Jose Juan Ryp pumps out stunning art. If you havn’t read Britannia, you should check this book out and the first volume asap!

Visit your #LCS local comic shop and discover some great new worlds to jump into!


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